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  1. I would say if you pulled the plugs already fill the cylinders with Marvel Mystery oil and let it sit for a day or two. Then try to bump it over with a wrench.
  2. c-series don

    Old TD6 on Blocks

    I used to run an Austin-Western road grader that started on gas then ran on diesel!
  3. c-series don

    Lets see the snow rigs!

    I'm glad these pictures aren't from today!!
  4. c-series don


    Easy way to remember which is which: as far as the filters go Eaton is on the end and Sunstrand is on the side of the transmission.
  5. c-series don

    Sears Bankruptcy

    I too remember the catalog coming in the mail before Christmas. I remember the jeans they sold called toughskins, they were stiff as a brick, came in all different colors and the inside of them felt like 80 grit sandpaper on your knees!! Also remember their tool slogan "Guaranteed not to rust,bust, collect dust or otherwise be defective!"
  6. I would say given its condition(looks brand new) it's worth $350 all day long. I see you are in Arizona so shipping will be a factor, but for someone looking for a mint generator they should be willing to pay for whatever that ends up being. Let's not forget these things do not come up very often.
  7. Thank you for sharing that story. I'm sure there are many other stories like that from the factory that most of us here would love to hear. I'm worried that many of the folks who worked at the 515 W Ireland Rd factory are no longer with us and able to share their stories.
  8. c-series don

    A Sobering Day

    Just a little note to say I was thinking of Mark and hope he is doing well. Prayers are with all of you.
  9. Here is my 3000 watt generator. I was in the right place at the right time and got two for $300. Sold one for $150 to my Wheel Horse buddy. That was with the bracket and correct Wheel Horse belt.
  10. c-series don

    59 with patina local sale

  11. c-series don

    New and looking for help

    Here is my garage, I'm clearly running out of room. I could probably squeeze in one more if my wife doesn't notice!
  12. c-series don

    New and looking for help

    Mine is an RR-46 making it a 1966. 47 would make it a 1967. The 4 denotes 4hp, not sure if you knew that or not but figured I would add that for those who do not. I really hope/think that it is something that you don't have to take the tranny apart to fix. Please keep us updated on it. Mine was N.O.S when I got it and I've yet to see another tiller steer like it. Rochester is a little bit of a far drive for me to take a picture considering that I'm pretty much at the opposite end of the state !!! If you get it going and can take it to the big show next year I will bring mine, Craig probably will bring his and then we can take the picture!!
  13. c-series don

    New and looking for help

    I'm not exactly sure how to fix it but I do know that little baby would look nice parked next to mine!!!
  14. c-series don

    Hello from NW Arkansas

    It looks to be well cared for. Maybe just needs some wax! I would be all over that. Then you will see why all of us here are addicted to these great tractors. Durability, ease of changing attachments, I could go on and on!
  15. c-series don

    Where have I been, and doing what?

    Your going to need a tractor to plow off that concrete when it snows!!