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  1. SharkBaron

    312-8 Carb info

    :woohoo: My 312-8 ran out of gas, then, when restarted, ran normally for 30 sec., then backfired and stopped. When I try to start, no start and more backfire. Was told to clean carb, I'm a mechanical idiot, so advice or manual would be greatly appreciated !! new E-Mail is gsteele58@aol.com. Thanks in advance, you guys are always great !
  2. Anyone know where I might gest the deck drive belt for a WH 312-d in the Virginia Beach area. On vacation from OH and want to be ready to go when I get home !!!
  3. SharkBaron

    Drive Belt

    Anyone know who in Akron, OH area carries Mule drive belt for 36" deck on a 312-8
  4. SharkBaron

    How do I remove the transmission for a Model 312-8

    :D Thank Y'all for the help, manuals, and moral support ! Got the transmission back in(dont ask how long it took, it's embarasing), and yesterday chewed through6 to 8 inches of myback yard !! Couldn't have done it without y'all Youze guyz rule!!! " I love the smell of fresh cut Kentucky Blue in the morning. It smells like...... victory !"
  5. What oil do I use for the 312-8 transmissin, and how much? :D
  6. :wh: I need to replace the clip that holds the left rear axel inside the transmission, Model 312-8. Any instructions would be a life saver!! Not sure how to reply to all, but THANK YOU!! All who replied. With this info, as the Geico Lizards boss says before the soon to fail trust excersize, "We can do this"! :D