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  1. new2horses

    Hot Exhaust Problem

    I'm thinking the muffler bearing could be going out, was it chrome or something else? LOL
  2. new2horses

    551 Suburban Transmission Rebuild

    Jim, I could be way off base here, but those new fasteners look to be stainless steel. If so, ditch all of them in favor of grade 5 steel. You won't be sorry. David
  3. new2horses

    Painting the inside of a tranny

    Paul, Like Ed and Jim said Glyptal or red insulating enamel by a generic name. Your NAPA store might be able to get it if not most any electrical supply store. It's been used for a very long time in motors, engines, gearboxes and machinery of most all types.
  4. new2horses

    Looking for a ignition switch

    Thanks for the plug Dan, I do have a few of the Cole-Hersee switches as referenced in the above link. As noted they ain't cheap, but are the EXACT switch used back in the day. Mine are $40.00 shipped to your door. Just PM me here and I'll be happy to send you one. David
  5. new2horses

    What models are these

    Looks to me like the first one is a long frame six speed, with a 9 or 10 HP Tecumseh. so not a 657. Just my thought.
  6. new2horses

    854 snow blade

    That blade was made to fit a red tractor, but not a Wheel Horse. It's for a Massey Ferguson. Pretty hard to find piece of equipment.
  7. new2horses


    I did just that to acquire the tractor, now with the new engine and other bits, I'm in for way more than it's worth. It came with a 48" blade that looks to never have been used, but because of the way it was stored is rusted beyond use. Not complaining, just sayin'. Still hoping to hear from somebody with one of these.
  8. new2horses

    Wheel Horse 854 w/ Danco Loader

    DJ, When you get tired of this one just let me know!!!!!!
  9. new2horses


    OK so I've seen a few threads that discuss the voltage comparator on these machines. Like many mine doesn't work either, that is the battery is charging and the battery light stays on. I've researched deeply enough to know that a replacement is out of the question (cost over $200.00). So my question, does anyone have a known nonworking one that they would be willing to sell me so that I could dissect it and possibly develop a work around? Yes I know I could use mine as a donor, but I'd rather not. Thanks, David PM
  10. new2horses

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BuckRancher

    Happy Birthday Brian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And our wishes for many more! David & Denise
  11. new2horses

    Good evening from Arkansas

    aghead, Welcome to Red Square. I've been a member here for quite some time and this place is the PREMIER source for reliable info on these great tractors. I too live in Arkansas, Saline county as it happens. But own property in Redfield, so I am there frequently. Again welcome. David
  12. Lane, You just inspired me. I have 953 # 304. I'll dust it off put in a fresh battery and bring it. Won't be as nice as yours but still an early example. I too am looking forward to the show and having the Wheel Horse brand as the feature.
  13. I really didn't know that. These weights were on the Work horse 700 I just stripped. I assumed these weights belonged on the  tractor. Regardless, they are for sale. Thanks for your input.

  14. new2horses


    Duke, Like Richard says it is!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me and Denise!