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    My family- best wife on earth, 21 year old daughter in college, 5 year old twin daughters in day care, Wheel Horses (mostly round hoods.), model railroading (n-scale), old cars (especially Thunderbirds), history.

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  1. linen beige

    complete GT14 Automatic -free- Lexington KY

    No its not. My dad is picking it up on Wednesday for me. good deal!!! Given my professional past I'm sure you guys can appreciate my caution.
  2. linen beige

    complete GT14 Automatic -free- Lexington KY

    Hmmmm. Free tractor. First post. Located in Kentucky. Georgia area code. Is it just me?
  3. linen beige

    958 Wheelhorse given to me.

    As already pointed out that is a 953. 9=9horsepower (actually 9.6), 5=4speed manual transmission, 3=1963. The mower deck is a 48 inch cut. model RM483. RM= rotary mower, 48=48 inch cut, 3=1963 production year. To answer your question about whether this one was top of the line for '63, more or less! This was the first year of production for this type of Wheel Horse and it was aimed at the commercial/large estate market. '64 saw a bump to 10 HP with the model 1054 and '65 saw some minor improvements in the 1054A. (there was another style Wheel Horse for '65 numbered 1055 so they used an "A" suffix on 1054 to denote the larger tractor for '65.) Like a couple guys have already said, hook up with Kelly for any parts you might need. If he doesn't have it he can almost definitely get it for you and he will treat you right.
  4. linen beige


    When I was a kid I cut grass for a local guy that had a 60 foot sqaure HO layout in the attic of his garage. It was built over top of an older OO scale set up. All of his track was hand laid, several THOUSAND feet of it! He also built most of his locomotives and much of his rolling stock, not to mention the structures and scenery. I got into N scale with an Atlas B&O E8, a Pennsy box car, Mobile one tank car, Pennsy gondola an B&O caboose in Jan. '69. I now have a couple dozen locos and several hundred pieces of rolling stock (mostly Micro Trains) and a few hundred feet of track. All of this is in storage right now, but my daughters are nagging me to get it out and start another railroad. One of my late great uncles was one time president of the railroad telegraphers union. My wife is in executive management of a firm that manufactures railroad signalling devices.
  5. linen beige

    Rednecks at their finest..........

    Can't you tell they realized it was all in the way it was hooked up? Notice they made the distance between the tractors longer in an attempt to make up for that. They just didn't think to hook the A C BELOW the centerline of the back axle.
  6. linen beige

    correct motor for 857 ?

    To add confusion, the 701 and 702 were electric start, manual shift.
  7. linen beige

    C-175 won't start and flywheel won't turn

    Print yourself off a copy of the service manual from the Kohler website and STUDY it. Like mentioned before, if you have a rod that has siezed there has most likely been a transfer of aluminum to steel and/or a removal/distortion of aluminum from the affected rod. That means that if you do start it up now it will more than likely shatter the rod and damage even more internal parts.
  8. Lexington child who died in mower accident fell off while riding with father By Cole Claybourn
  9. linen beige

    In Honor of all who have had cancer

    My wife is a four year survivor. She's done so well that we have a five month old son. Maybe if I sprayed some pink paint on one of my 'Horses I could get her interested in them? BTW, :WRS:
  10. linen beige

    K181 not starting....yet

    I will open up the head as soon as the gasket comes in the mail sometime next week. But im curious... is it even possible for something to get in there? I cant think of any opening big enough for something of that size to get in. He didn't mean take off the head. he meant take off the cooling shrouds that cover the head and check for anything that may have clogged the cooling fins, such as grass clippings, plain old dirt, a mouse nest, etc.
  11. linen beige

    Dad was right all along...

    Oh yes you DO, albeit of a different design. Without a BATTERY there is no current with which to overheat the coil.
  12. linen beige

    What a day.

    My wife and I married in '94. I retired in '05. Our power went out for a few hours back in March of 2010. I turned 50 in Sept. '10. Our son was born in Nov. '10. I don't talk much. :hide:
  13. linen beige

    The Bucket List!

    Uh... She's 70. But I can see why you thought 69.
  14. linen beige

    What Type of car is this?

    Very few had the 289. Most of them had the 260.