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  1. heard of wheel horse snowmobiles i no where one is but was wondering what there worth thanks! it runs good has electric start,all original condition. its a 1970 one cylender sled thanks!
  2. dave24

    Springfield lawnmower, looks like a suburban

    the model number is 62TE, anyone know what that means?
  3. dave24

    Springfield lawnmower, looks like a suburban

    ya, myne has the briggs engine, ill check in the morning what the id tag says, i do recall seeing one there.
  4. At an auction last week i saw this and just had to have it. I gathered some info on the internet and it was made in the 50's when space exploration was getting hot. You can also steer it with the handles on the front.
  5. Hi, i just got this springfield lawnmower today. After cleaning the carb out, it ran great! I really have no information on it except it kinda looks like a suburban in some parts. I know there probably not related, but if anyone has any information it would help alot. thanks, dave.
  6. Well, the other day i picked this up at and auction! It has a 7hp briggs and stratton verticle shaft and a 3 speed transmission. It also says it was made by general appliances? So, it needs a carb rebuild but i gave it some ethir and it fired on the first pull! If anyone has any information it would help alot!
  7. dave24

    Copar Panzer

    Today at an tractor show, i brout this home! what do you guys think about it, i know nothing of panzers so what was the original motor, whats it worth, what year is it, how rare is it? thanks, dave.
  8. dave24

    Various wheel horse decals

    I have the decals in the pics above, there was a sticker on the pump also.
  9. dave24

    Technically a wheel horse

    the 4x4 is in storage right now, but i will start a thread with a video once i have a chance to take the stuff in front of it out. it is defiantly going to charlotte this year
  10. dave24

    Technically a wheel horse

    Ok, thanks guys, this should bring you to it
  11. dave24

    Technically a wheel horse

    Well, the other day i tride to move the tractor, but the little 3hp motor just couldnt do it. So, today i went to an auction and picked up a 8hp to put on it. Now it has plenty of power, but i do not know how to post a video, any help? thanks! Here is a pic of it with the new motor.
  12. dave24

    Technically a wheel horse

    When i get some free time i will cobble some brakes and a seat on it. I can post a video too on the test run. I also think a wheelie bar might be in its future! :thumbs:
  13. dave24

    Technically a wheel horse

    havnt drove it yet, will have to hook a pedal up to the variable speed and a seat, im sure it will pop a good wheely because it doesnt take much force on the back to get the front wheels off the ground! :auto-biker:
  14. Well, i was bored yesterday and had this round hood frame, walk behind, and engine. With just a little welding, i think i have a variable speed go cart.
  15. dave24

    Isn't this cute

    if we have room, it will be pulling the carts around