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  1. gear shift lever pulled out and has a ball on the end with a pin through it..not sure if I am missing a part ..I need a drawing that shows how the shift lever goes in . thanks in advance for your help Pat
  2. patq

    310-8 starter solenoid

    Looks like that will work even though the layout is slightly different. (o) battery (o) starter -- -- 2 spade connectors the one in mine is layed out like this above where the replacement one has the spades on the side but for 11 dollars I will order it and see thanks Pat PS: I will get back with the results and maybe a pic
  3. I have a 310-8 toro wheel horse 31-10k801(this is the number under the seat) Need the solenoid and want to get the right one ..this one has the 2 bolt connections and 2 spade connectors below that.I may need an ignition switch as well ..Wont know till I put in the new solenoid...Boy this thing is built like a tank and runs good .Has the bagger as well.I cant tell from the electrical system drawing if the solenoid has the 2 spade connections at the bottom of the solenoid.. Dont want to order the wrong one..thanks in advance for your help patq@optonline.net Pat