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  1. C-160 Tractor

    Engine swap on WH C-160

    true to all that my friend. I agree but was just thinking about it and what options I would have. I would rebuild the 341 for sure... great motor very powerful. so what do you mean when you say 500-750 for a good rebuild? a whole complete motor or the cost to rebuild mine? Also I am not to good with tractor motors so when you say I could put others in there wouldn't the output shaft need to be the same to match the PTO and the height be the same as well? or is that stuff you can use plates to adjust it up as needed? Would it be as simple as hey here is a 10HP briggs side shaft lets toss it in the wheel horse? lol thanks man Brian
  2. C-160 Tractor

    Engine swap on WH C-160

    Hello Quick question I am thinking about and figure I should ask the pro's. Is there another engine I can swap into my 1978 WH C-160 tract or? It has a 16HP Kohler but I was wondering if there are any motors I can swap in its place? Like if for some reason my motor blew or something was not working on it. The parts are getting expensive on this old beast and I would be interested in possible new age swap. are there any things to note here or take into consideration. this is just really a dumb question I guess because mine is ok at the moment lol just thinking a loud and asking the question. Hope it wasn't asked a million times before me. thanks Brian
  3. C-160 Tractor


    scoop it up! i have a 77 WH C-160 and I love it.
  4. C-160 Tractor

    Stupid question about rear wheels

    thanks , those are sweet
  5. C-160 Tractor

    New paint and new decals.

    here they make these when I typed 520 in. http://www.redoyourhorse.com/servlet/the-1...-H-BLACK/Detail
  6. C-160 Tractor

    New paint and new decals.

    x2 Need a couple sets of those decals for my 520H and the father-in-laws. If you could shoot me a pm or just post on here where you found them!!! Thanks I got mine here, maybe they make them for your tractor as well? not sure. But do a google search for decal sets with your model number. http://www.redoyourhorse.com/servlet/the-7...-HORSE-B/Detail The 520 looks awesome! great job! I am in the process of painting over my 77 C-160 I can only hope it looks as sweet as your 520 when I am done.
  7. C-160 Tractor

    Stupid question about rear wheels

    Two different wheels. I'm on my cell phone in garage now painting cutting deck. Now what I really want because I have two diffrent wheels (grrrrr!) Is a new set of wheels with some of those tractor/atv mud lookin like wheels on them. Hehe. How much will that all run me? I maybe posting in the wanted section soon, lol Man smart phones are amazing I took pictures, uploaded to my photobucket, copies the links and bounced back and forth to the browser and pasted them here. but hey I had nothing better to do at 11:30 PM on a thirsty Thursday in my garage waiting for primer to dry on the ol WeH. Cheers all!
  8. C-160 Tractor

    My latest addition

    Hey from another MA member. I agree that snowblower is a beast. I have one to. I really like the tractor as well and need to get me a second one as well. :wh:
  9. C-160 Tractor

    Stupid question about rear wheels

    :wh: my hub was all messed up and I bought 2 used ones, but yeah that did happen to me and it wore the key hole right out. (it was like this when I got it I just tried to make due until I got my replacement.) pics of what your talking about happening. Key chipped away at hub and carved a nice grove around the whole thing opening the whole wayyyy! up. all fixed now.. old vs new... close up of old bad hub.. so I know it is not that and both sides are flush. Looks like 2 different wheels even though they look the same exact the offset is different. I just was not sure if there was a reason for that or if I just had 2 different wheels. haha leaning towards the 2 mixed wheels. will take picture tomorrow. thanks :thumbs:
  10. :wh: I have a quick question. On my C-160 the rear wheels seam to be different right to left. One of them the offset is a little different and causes the wheel to stick out more or less depending on which wheel your looking at. Is that normal? Are your rear wheels different offsets as well? Or maybe the Previous owner did some swapping that I have no knowledge of. just a question that has been bugging me lately that I noticed when attaching wheel weights. I do not have a good picture to show what I mean now but can snap some if needed to explain what I am asking. thanks. Brian
  11. C-160 Tractor

    Horse Manure Haul 2011

    Sweet! I wish I had that setup! Where did you get that black seat from? My seat is ripping and I would like one that that.
  12. C-160 Tractor

    K341S PTO Clutch drive pulley oil leak question

    Ok great thanks I will take it off and hope its not all over my new clutch. Also wipe excess grease off and get those seals and bearing on order. Can you help me adjust the guide braket? Does that need to be tight against the PTO bell or loose on it? Also I had it all apart and I do not have a spring in there. I think that would be nice though to push the pto bell off the clutch when dissengaged. Anyway I can add one in?
  13. C-160 Tractor

    K341S PTO Clutch drive pulley oil leak question

    I have no idea sorry, any idea on how to adjust the pulley brake? Also can you help me pinpoint what parts on that list would need to be had to repair this? thank you
  14. C-160 Tractor

    Paint Help

    thanks again all. I did some painting today and it turned out a lot better! I applied top coat after letting primer dry for 1 hour as the can suggested. It said re-coat or apply top coat 1 hour or 48 hour later. it looks great. (for what it is. haha) I am way more satisfied. That Krylon paint sure threw me for a loop. It was like paint remover more than paint. But now I understand why, and I will just stick with the Rustoleum just to save me a little hassle with removing old stuff. thanks again, So I have a new issue with my tractor if anyone wants to check it out and offer any help I appreciate it. Link http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/index.php?...t=0#entry229165 Brian
  15. Hello all I am in need of help again so I turn to my favorite site again! I recently replaced my PTO Clutch plate with a new one along with the new drag brake thing. That brings me to my 1st question.; How do I adjust that brake to do what it is meant for on the PTO clutch pulley? When I replaced the clutch I use my grease gun and put some grease on my finger and wiped it on the shaft under the pulley and inside the pulley on what looked like roller bearings. Now today I went around my whole yard with the tractor and was just using my lawn sweeper and then when i was done I looked down and noticed this. I am not sure what happened? The pulley was very hot to the touch, but I had never really touched it before to know if that is normal? I have two thoughts about what I think it could be. 1. the oil I rubbed in there got hot and came out? 2. I had the brake to tight and it caused the pulley to get really hot due to to pressing against the clutch plate and some how that heated it up to much to melt the inner seal? anyway I need to know what this is before i go and mow my lawn tomorrow. Any help would be great! On what the oil problem is along with how to adjust the brake thing properly. more pics. BEFORE. New Clutch... Oil leaking out, thanks again :wh: