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  1. littleredrider

    6-12 Ag tires on rims

    It should, but not too familiar with those models...
  2. littleredrider

    rebuild briggs, kohler 8 or 16 horse?

    After I made the other post I went looking for it, and can’t find it. So it either sold or is gonna try again. It’s been up for awhile, and isn’t too far from me, but the green stuff has been coming up short, and I don’t mean the grass, so been holding off. Gonna look for it again, if not the 8 horse is available. For now lol...
  3. littleredrider

    rebuild briggs, kohler 8 or 16 horse?

    im really impressed just what the 8 horse briggs can do. I have a lawn roller that weighs about 11-1200 pounds filled with water. Most of my yard has a slight slope, and this lil thing will pull it up and down no problem, and not even wide open, maybe not even half throttle. I'm kinda scared to go more than 1/2, since the hood starts to rattle, and I don't know the motor. The governor works great, it raises throttle when it needs, puffs some smoke and pulls. I found a Kohler 8 horse magnum with recoil, for $100 can't go wrong. I only found one 16 horse, can get whole tractor for $200, but I think if I bring another tractor home girl friend gonna kill me!!!! I'm gonna shoot the guy an email and see if he sell just the motor. Rolling chassis with an 8-speed is still an easy $100 all day long. If it wasn't painted all stupid it prolly be gone by now. If I go that route, just hope I can find the right oil pan, way too many on evilbay…..
  4. littleredrider

    6-12 Ag tires on rims

  5. littleredrider

    rebuild briggs, kohler 8 or 16 horse?

    So the 606 that was given to me has an older Briggs 8 horse on it. It runs good, but smokes. Also the hood was trimmed to clear the air filter. Luckily it was "sliced" so can be put back and welded. Eventually want to repower it, either with a Kohler 8 horse, or after reading 82Caddy's post, getting a 16 horse and shoehorning it under the hood. I swapped to an 8-speed, and don't plan on doing anything crazy, hopefully a snow blower, and have both types of hitches for a rear plow. Only experience I have with a Kohler was an 8 horse on a lawn ranger. Torque is crazy with such a small motor. I found one for $100, but keep going back to the 16 horse. I think I have an excessive power addiction lol....
  6. littleredrider

    What is happening to Wheel Horse part prices??

    eBay is rediculous. Some parts are worth more, but some I don’t why they bother! But, everything is getting more expensive, not just wheelhorse parts.
  7. littleredrider

    Front end loader

    Buy the plans from PF Engineering. Think there $55, and tells you everything you need to know bout building one. I got lucky and found one, but was gonna build my own if not...
  8. littleredrider

    What needs done to put a honda gx390 on a c160?

    Some type of motor plate. Crank isn’t in same location as stock, and not sure if it’s same size which isn’t likely.
  9. littleredrider

    6-12 Ag tires on rims

    Came with the 606 I got. They are Dico tru power, 6-12s on skinny rims. They have tubes in them, but are in great shape. Tractor sat in a barn for years, and only front tires where shot. I don't think there is any dry rot on these. I will post pics in the morning. I can meet within reason, been working weekends....
  10. littleredrider

    Curse of the 310-8 continues

    Other thing too is sure the belt guard goes near the tranny pulley. I swapped tranny’s last nite and some of the mounts where broke or tweaked, causing the guard to scrub the pulley. Really annoying lol...
  11. littleredrider

    Curse of the 310-8 continues

    Check n make sure the belt didn’t go over the retainer, I think it’s called lol. It’s on the engine, just under the belt guard by pulley. it’s supposed to keep the belt from lifting too much when the clutch is depressed. It will go to the outside and tho the tractor will move, it can screech and smoke some. My 520-8 does it now n then...
  12. littleredrider

    1274 model

    1055, 1075, or 1276. Last number indicates year. First is horse power.
  13. littleredrider

    Rugged Horse

    Or don’t have a choice. I zero outside storage so they unfortunately have to sit outside. All a tarp does is keep the mice protected from the outside...
  14. littleredrider

    What donor tractor for a good 8 speed?

    I thought bout doing same exact swap since I have a 310-8 parts tractor, but also want to teach the g/f how to use it. She can't drive the 520-8, and not sure the 606 that I just got for free!!!! She would drive the 518 I built for her, and my son loved it too lol....
  15. littleredrider

    520-8 muffler

    its' long gone. I sold the bad motor with the good muffler. Prolly should have kept it, but oh well.