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  1. he can choose to fix it with a new motor if he pleases. although since it does have the 8hp in it it moves just fine in the one and only forward gear. if i was hime id just run it i suppose. he said its been like this since he has had it and that has been some years now. wonder why he now just decided to have it looked at? one thing i also noticed before i read the engine numbers............the motor mount bolts were not the same. 2 were differant then the others and non of them had any washers or anything on them but there were marks like maybe there should have been. :thumbs:
  2. want my fuel bill for the week????!!!! 2007 F350 diesel dually and 2004 Tahoe Z71. To top it all off the bass boat comes out soon and the wife starts showing horses soon. Both our hobbies just add to the fuel bills. Ohwell.....cant take it with you when your # is up right? i recently sold my brother inlaw my '94 Ford escort. I was using it as a daily driver to work and what not and using one of the big rigs when needed. Filled it for $30-35 and would last all week. getting an easy 30 + MPG. I told him im buying it back when he sells it! we do also have a Yamaha Zuma 49cc scooter that gets like 100mpg! if gas hits $5 a gallon ill be putting in some seat time on that baby! my commute will take three times longer......but i can do it 1/4 of a gallon!!!!!
  3. hoppy

    tech recoil help

    got it to work. thanks!!!!!!! :thumbs:
  4. hoppy

    tech recoil help

    i wind it counter clockwise until it stops? and then bring the hole back to line up with the other hole and then tie it off?
  5. hoppy

    tech recoil help

    this is the same machine i have in the "non wheelhorse releated" topic. anyway i put it all back together and started it. shut it down and went to start it again and the dam rope snapped for the recoil! I hate recoils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i took it off and was able to sneek the rope back through the holes and tied off a new knot. now the dam thing wont recoil. how do you rewind a recoil? should i have done that before i put the rope back in and tied it off? this is exactly one of the reasons i hate working on other peoples crap. figures after i figure out the thing has the wrong motor in it this happens. the last recoil i tried to fix blew apart. if that happens im totally F;d. I cant give the machine back the guy in worse shape then when it was dropped off. HELP!!! This is an HMSK80.
  6. wish i had looked at all the numbers on the machine when he dropped it. could have loaded it right back in the truck. motor #'s confirm it is a 8HP. machine should have a 5hp. lesson learned. never assume everything is original.
  7. i think your right on the shortness of the belt after twisting it although with a longer belt that may just be a remedy
  8. well fokes looks like i can wrap this one up. Im certain at some point in this machines life someone swapped the original two shaft/pulley motor out with this single shaft. THANKS KELLEY! since this is the case there isnt much i can do to rememdey the problem although i did put some thought into flipping the shafts around to reverse everything. however at this point i have to much time trying to figure out a machine i simply can not fix due to the motor situation. i want to thank everyone that helped get to this point. I think Kelley gets the gold star for pointing out the missing shaft/pulley and thus figuring out this is probably not the original motor to the machine. Heres to you guys :thumbs:
  9. i dont have the engine info in front of me. but i just confirmed it only has the one pulley and both belts are hooked to it. this is getting wierder. i suspect this is not the original motor although it looks close all the manuals i can find for this blower show that other shaft and the belt going to that.
  10. one shaft. there is an idler pullkey for the auger belt but for the wheel drive belt it just drops straight down and around the pressure plate. im not sure what year this machine is. its not a new style red one. its older black with green/white decals. the manuals i have come across online talk about an idler wheel for the wheel belt also. this machine does not have one.
  11. there are three "slots" on the pulley on the motor. the belt for the drive plate for the wheels basically drops straight down from slot #1 on motor pully(slot closest to engine). the belt for the auger drive is on the outer slot(away from motor) so the 3rd slot. there appears to be a empty middle slot. the auger drive belt pretty much drops straight down also and engages with another pulley when you engage the handle. think its a belt routing issue? if i was to move the wheel drive plate belt to the middle slot it would look abit to angled to me.
  12. my engine is running backwards? #4 on my machine is running CW. opposite to what yours is! WTF??!!! guys i have been looking at this thing from every angle. everything is setup just like the pictures. problem is the plate/engine is running everything in the opposite direction. Im at a loss. the pictures speak 1000 words and i can assure you when i pull this motor over its turning that #4 clockwise and #3 counter clockwise. hense the 5 reverse gears. that work very well i must add!! LOL so they made engines for differant rotations from the factory? if so my guess would be this may not be the original tech motor then and whoever swapped it out left it on there after installing it. nice suprise huh?!!!? i guess if this is the case then i spent the last two evenings trying to fix something i cant fix!! LOL
  13. when i said the motor is running CW.......thats when im standing at the handle bars. if i was lokking at the pulley from the pulley side it would be spinning CCW. im so confused...........................CW, CCW, CW, CCW. :thumbs:
  14. this is really starting to bug me. im starting to see double. my machine is setup just like mr.pipes however........he is telling me that when the lever is to the far left that should be #5 gear forward. How could that be??!! my motor is turning CW and so isnt the pressure plate. with the rubber wheel on the far right as shown in both pictures it turns CCW thus turning the shaft CCW and then turning the big drive gear CW...........CW at that big gear makes the machine go backwards! When i get the rubber wheel to the far left then it turns CW thus turning the big gear CCW and then the machine goes forward. this is one of those things that is probably so easy but yet i cant even comprehend what the issue is. its setup correct according to the diagram i have with my pictures above. my one forward gear is when the rubber wheel is to the far left on the pressure plate and my gear shifter is to the far right. :thumbs:
  15. Round #2 is about to begin...........