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  1. jusjeepn

    48" deck issue with d-180

    Jonathan, It sounds like either your PTO clutch is slipping or your belt is to long. Since It sounds like it spins up ok with no load, I would suspect your PTO clutch. You can give me a call if you want!
  2. jusjeepn

    Hello from Vinylguys better half

    Welcome LD! I see you already have picked up several new nick names so I guess I throw my spin on it! Glad to meet the better half of the "Vinyl Master"!
  3. jusjeepn

    Is this an rj58?

    Derek, Everything I see indicates it was originally an RJ58. Get those numbers off the tranny (if there are any) & that will indicate an approximate age. You have the hard to find pieces, belt guard, heat shield & complete hood. Oh! and your rear tires are on backwards! LOL!
  4. jusjeepn

    Chrome in a bottle??

    That product has been around for awhile now. It is still very expensive. Almost as much as plating. The big advantage is pitted parts can be filled with plastic filler and coated.
  5. I'd like to see how it's mounted. I find it highly unlikely that one machine screw or even a 3/8" bolt would hold 85lbs in place for very long.
  6. I may be all wet here, but dont you have a steel grille shell screwed in to a smooth cast iron weight? The hood should be two seperate pieces welded together to make one. This pic shows how it should look unbolted from the tractor. Yours appears to be two seperate pieces that attaches together at the weight.
  7. jusjeepn

    My new 754

    That looks VERY nice Scott! A 1046 might be do-able!
  8. What you don't see in those pics are the 10-12 other cars/trucks parked down the driveway or already left! My guestimation would be 30-35 people showed up! Thanks Derek for the hospitality, coffee and donughts, and the good time that everyone was having. I'll be expecting those pics and measurements we talked about when it warms up! :ychain:
  9. jusjeepn

    Snow Plow Side-to-Side Movement

    Here's what I used on my 60" blade build. Blade down Blade up
  10. jusjeepn

    New here and picked up a wheel horse

    It's a 1960 Suburban 400 or 550. Here are the pics.
  11. jusjeepn

    Opinions on a B100 automatic

    $400 is way to much for a B that needs work. Come see me for a 69 Electro....Cheap!
  12. jusjeepn

    What model is this tractor?

    That is a 1961 551. Should be a 5.5hp techy from the factory.
  13. jusjeepn

    Question on fenders????

    Borrowed from another sight
  14. jusjeepn

    You all were right

    Very nice. Looks like your new to W/H's so here a few pointers to get you started on your restore. As mentioned, it is missing the tool box and fenders. The exhaust is routed incorrectly and has the incorrect muffler for the year and the big one.......the Techy is the wrong model. The 550 used a 5.5hp Techy which is pricey when you find one. It looks like you have either a 6 or 8hp Techy with electric start. Your hard starting problem is more than likely a fuel flow problem either to or through the carb. Check your belt guard for modifications if its an 8hp. It looks great just the way it is! I'd recommend using it around the house for a bit before restoring it.
  15. jusjeepn

    Got a short frame plow ready

    Looks like a new one! I might be interested in that vert plow frame!