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  1. kj4kicks

    1277 parts needed

    I have a new set of Choke and Throttle cables. Sending you a PM
  2. kj4kicks

    NOS 42" SD Mower Deck

    NOS 42" Deck w/deflector. $800 firm. These are about $1400 from the dealer. Located in York PA.
  3. kj4kicks

    42 SD Wanted

    I have an NOS 42" SD deck if your interested. Located in York PA. $800 Thanks, Eldon.
  4. Any 520 series that has the Wheel Horse name on it is good enough for me
  5. Class of '63 was already done in (I think) 2007, and didn't want to repeat it. Sorry about that.
  6. 2017 Show information. Slight change from what was announced at the general membership meeting. Dates are: June 23/24th 2017 CHANGE: Feature Tractor will be: 520.
  7. I would like to personally thank everyone who attended the WHCC show and especially those who took the Customs feature tractor theme to the extremes. Most people know my views; I appreciate the history (knowing that we wouldn't be where we are if not for where we have been) and have done several restorations myself. My true passion is building custom machines, taking what Wheel Horse gave us, and pushing the limits of what it can be or what "could have been". I was smiling all week seeing all of the creativity and vision of our members. Kudos to all of you for making the show a huge success, probably the biggest and best show so far. With all of the hot rod versions out there, we as the board of directors were a little concerned going in to this, but were very happy with the behavior of the kids (and the grown-ups) at keeping everyone safe. As for me personally, I'm hoping that we can have customs again someday. Though we don't usually repeat feature tractors, I feel that this is a "model" that is constantly evolving. Please feel free to post your thoughts. Have a great summer everyone!
  8. Thanks John The raffle tractor is usually purchased at the show for the following year, and is generally in running condition when purchased. This is the first one that I have been involved with.
  9. Here it is, the WHCC raffle tractor. The engine will be installed Wednesday. A huge THANK YOU to Kevin Townsend (Ken) for donating a nice running 16hp Onan engine. Not only that, but he custom built an exhaust system and stack for it. He's going to bring it along from Indiana with him, and we're going to get it running before the show (hopefully). I wanted this to be Onan powered, since the tractor started life as a 520, and I wanted the dash gauges to be functional. Terry Dennis donated the decals, though he probably doesn't realize it. It was an extra set that he sent along waaaaay back when I was building something. I had to cut the front corners to make them fit since I altered the hood. See some of you in a few days!
  10. I'm sure there is a list, and I'll try to find it. If anyone else was keeping track, please feel free to post it. I know the show T-shirt a few years back had the list up until then...
  11. Hi guys and gals! Just giving this thread a gentle bump... It's almost show time! Hope you have your plans made and are putting the final touches on those machines. Here's an FYI, or a PSA, or whatever you want to call it... Just in case you were thinking, "no time to build a custom (or go see them all in one place) this year, I'll wait until they feature them again" , please know this, the policy of the WHCC is to never repeat a feature tractor. Not to say that it won't EVER happen, but the chances are pretty slim. See you in a couple of weeks! Safe travels everyone.
  12. kj4kicks

    Big Show 2016 -- Customs

    I've been busy building the WHCC raffle tractor, so no new one for me this year. I'm pretty sure all of my previous custom builds will be there, so maybe I can get a "family reunion" picture (and a ride or two) .
  13. Hard to believe... the last show photos they have in the gallery are from 2012. We realize that the site has been neglected for a while. All of the information pages should be up-to-date now. Club members can submit photos via email link on the Photo Gallery page. Yes, we could post pics that were taken by us, but can't use photos from anyone else without permission. That section is next on the "hit list" because I would like to see it also. Also please note that the membership year runs from June to June. Sign up soon in order to receive the next newsletter.
  14. kj4kicks

    WHCC now takes Paypal and credit cards!

    Sorry about that, The international issue is fixed now. We can accept payments from anywhere in the world. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  15. kj4kicks

    WHCC now takes Paypal and credit cards!

    I'll pass that request along to the board