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    Fixing tractors so they work like they should and useing them to help out around comunity.<br><br>paintball and snowboarding also.

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  1. rustbucket

    Swamp rod got a redneck loader

    i dont think the front duals are hooked up in the picture just sort of sitting there as mock up.
  2. rustbucket

    Spring maintenance on a Round Hood.

    one place ive gone for air filters and small engines parts is tractor supply company.
  3. rustbucket

    Has anyone heard of a b-82

    B-82 is a vertical briggs powered tractor with a peerless 3 speed transmission that is aluminum. basicaly a mower machine and not built for gardening .
  4. rustbucket

    jacobsen chief power drive

    i belive he might be meaning the PTO on the side of the engine that drives the deck. i have no idea and i use to own a chief 1000.
  5. rustbucket

    pulling hitches and wheely bars

    heres a few pictures of the hitch i have on the rear of my allis. i have it so it bolts right on and off where the top hitch piece for the allis would sit and bolted down below where the 3 point implaments would bolt up. the two long arms comeing back are the wheely bars. sort of an all in one piece.
  6. rustbucket

    pulling hitches and wheely bars

    i will see if i can scrounge something up. picture wise. i will say one thing though my allis hitch is not pretty at all.
  7. rustbucket

    pulling hitches and wheely bars

    thanks for the pictures and ideas. i will try and give one of them a shot. my landscape boss has a wire welder but im not to trusty of his welds even though my allis chalmers hitch is still intact due to my over engineering.
  8. rustbucket

    pulling hitches and wheely bars

    My dad is in need o f a location or someone who is makeing pulling hitches and wheely bars for wheel horses. already checked ebay as well as google the only guy on google is the one who tried stiffing me last time i went looking. any help would be greatly apreciated. :thumbs:
  9. rustbucket


    if you cant find factory new old stock gears you can give these people a try. http://gearsmade.com they can remanufacture new gears useing your old gears as referance.
  10. I know your looking to not do to much mods to no mods if any to fit an engine in. just thought id post a few pictures of a lawn ranger project my dad is doing that might get your mind going hmm maybe that would work. my dads evil idea make a lawn ranger 8 speed pulling tractor with an 18 hp magnum kohler engine. :thumbs:
  11. wh-jason the 4 wheel steer is already hooked up in the photo he ran a piece of black pipe from one front end to the other where the steereing shaft would have been so when one front turns one way the other turns opposite. love seeing parts reused instead of hauled off to the scrap yard.
  12. rustbucket

    Any info about- Rugg Carpet Cutter tractor?

    i got a rugg as well hideing under my back deck. fast little bugger when you put it in third.
  13. rustbucket

    Help with a GT-14

    could possably be the drive belt slipping or possably sheared one of the keys on a drive pully. or the very worst it could be something going in the hydro.
  14. rustbucket


    i use turfs with chains. have a set of chains on my blower tractor and putting a set of chains on my one plow tractor tomarrow. dirt road comunity and the plows tend to leave the road an ice sheet. the comunity plows that is.
  15. rustbucket

    How Many Use Round Hoods As Workers

    i use mine from mowing to snowblowing to snow plowing. no photo's just yet but ill try we are getting snowed on right now in PA and prolly will be out on it tomarrow.