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  1. papaglide

    ignition switch

    Hey Guys, I am having an issue with my 520H. I parked it a while back to change the deck and when I went to start it it wouldn't crank over. I checked the battery, safety switches and connections and they were ok. I happened to swap out the old ignition with a new one and the tractor started and ran great thru probably a dozen on/off cycles. I ran it last night, turned it off and when I went to start it, it wouldn't turn over and start. I'm thinking that its a much bigger issue and am open to suggestions. Thanks guys!
  2. papaglide

    1998, 314-8

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. papaglide

    1998, 314-8

    Tractor is sold.
  4. papaglide

    1998, 314-8

    Changed Status to Pending
  5. papaglide

    1998, 314-8

    Sale pending
  6. papaglide

    1998, 314-8

    Changed Price to Price drop. $250.00
  7. papaglide

    1998, 314-8

    Changed Price to Price drop. $300
  8. papaglide

    1998, 314-8

  9. papaglide

    1998, 314-8

    Changed Price to Price drop. $350
  10. papaglide

    1998, 314-8

    Price drop guys. $350 for the tractor and deck.
  11. papaglide

    1998, 314-8

    Price drop. $450 she's a very good tractor with a good deck. I can give pictures of the deck of wanted. I am downsizing and have to get rid of some tractors.
  12. papaglide

    1998, 314-8

    Changed price to $550
  13. papaglide

    1998, 314-8

    Hey guys, I am selling my 314-8. She is a 1998 with 1994 hrs. The tractor runs sporadically right now, it needs a carb cleaning. It ran great until the carb issues. There isn't a spot of rust on it, it was well maintained by the previous owner. I am the second owner. I am including the original paperwork: manual, receipt and a few other items. The front tires also loose air after a few days. It also has a newer style 520 seat on it. It comes with a 42"SD deck and a cup holder which I installed after I bought the tractor. The engine also is weeping oil. I have it on jack stands so the front tires don't get flat spots, with tubes they will be fine.
  14. papaglide

    C175 8spd, tiller,48 deck, and snowblower

    Sent you a message.
  15. papaglide

    GT14 update

    Very nice looking tractor. Makes me miss my GT-14.