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  1. Hello Mike, would you have a couple of the snap rings for a 1-1/8" axle, Part #7169?  I only would like new, but if used is all that is available I guess that will have to do.  Thanks, Mark.

  2. H i -- i think i need will need to replace the C spring in my 5060 wheel horse transmission when i take it apart - ( actually, i have no intention of taking it apart if i dont have a replacement spring on hand!) - and it was recommended that i ask you you had one available -






  3. I'm after a break gear out of an Eaton 750 transaxle part number 103933IMG_0055.JPG

    1. racinfool40


      Sorry dont have any parts for the eaton tranmissions.


    2. Ray Killen
  4. racinfool40

    953 trans help!

    The 953-1054 bevel gear should have 2 different differential end plates like the pic posted of the 10 pinion differential...All the one I have tore down and rebuilt one end plate had threaded holes for the bolts...I wish I had pics to show you but my last Bevel gear differential went to Illinois a couple weeks ago. If you look at the 11/44 tooth gear or the gear that turns the differential you can see were tour needle bearing rides the look at the end of the differential end plate (red-rusty looking one) the spot were the 1533 ball bearing rides should be the same height....you need the correct end cap that has the threaded holes for your 4 differential bolts...Your axle should be different lengths also to make up the difference in the offset of the differential.
  5. racinfool40

    5060 transmission

    Yes Steve.....the longer shaft is when they went to the stamped steel input pulley.....the older 6 speeds used the cast iron pulley...both will work in the older style..actually both will work in either just depends on jow critical you are about were the set screw sits on the woodruff key.
  6. Hello!

    I´m Anders Bruse from Sweden. I have a Wheel Horse Raider 12 model 1-0310 from 1971. The gearbox is damaged. I´m seeking the reduction gear part 3-37.

    I heard in a message from our college Bob alias rmaynard on the wheelhorse forum that you possibly maybee can have something interesting.

    I would like a contact with you.








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    2. racinfool40


      Can you get me a pic of the gear you need??? and what transmission is this I know overseas some raiders Have 4-speeds and some have the 6-8 speed???...I could not find an item 3-37??....

      also give me a complete shipping address and I will see what it will cost to ship to sweden...I do have one guy I ship stuff to Norway and shipping is kinda pricey.


    3. Anders Bruse

      Anders Bruse

      Hello again.

      My Wheel Horse Raider 12 has modelnumber 1-0310 and is from 1971. (8 speed)

      I have a manual for reparation /attached. In the end of the doc is a list of parts side 52-53. The gear part 3-37 is named reduction gear.


      Regards Anders


      My shipping adress is

      Anders Bruse

      Björkgatan 7

      15136 Södertälje


      my email is anders@bruse.com

      Transmission_Uni-drive _1958-1982.pdf

    4. Anders Bruse

      Anders Bruse

      Hello again, best racinfool40

      Do you now have any ideas about my last message from may 25.

      I would be happy if you have some solution on my question?


      Regards Anders Bruse

  7. racinfool40

    Hub question

    PM sent...I do have a couple sets. And I wont be making the Big show this year.
  8. racinfool40

    Hub question

    I am pretty sure I have 2 sets....I will double check in the morning and let ya know...
  9. Hello, my name is Rick. Im in need of a couple parts for my 5025 tranny{753).. Both shift rails from a mid 60's with the deeper detent groves. thanks

  10. My name is Jerry and just joined this forum. I am looking for a pulley for a Wheel Horse 606 tractor. It's part #1611. Stevasaurus sent me this message. Someone sent me this info as to what I am looking for: 

    #1611 driven transmission pulley used 1958-1969

    4.000" OD x .750" shaft for 1/2" belt

    3/16"x3/4" (.740" long) #9 Woodruff key

    Set screw 1/4"-20x5/16"

    This is the one on ebay but seems kind of high to me. I am not wanting to pay that much, 

    131777881327 . Would you have one of these or can point me somewhere else?

    Your shaft is 3/4" and that is the right pulley that Dave is showing...but that price is way out of sight...in my opinion.  Send a personal message (PM) to "racinfool40" and ask Mike if he has one.  I'm sure he does and it will be a lot less money.  Dave's should be gold plated for his price. 

    1. racinfool40


      Sorry I am out of them..they are getting hard to find....

  11. racinfool40

    1973 14 Auto internal filter parts source?

    PM sent..I have a couple.
  12. hello i ran across your post that someone asked you about  trans that got water and ice damage.  I am in need of a high low gear for a 6 speed trans.  can you help me    you can give me a call if you wish.    440 453 6560   im in ohio

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    2. moe1965


      It's me again I broke another part.   Its ths part that holds the high low shifter fork. I used a torque wrench set it to 15 lbs and it snapped off.   I tried to send you a text a different way so you might get this massage  a few more times.  Thanks in advance john


    3. racinfool40


      Just seen this message..Yes I have a few of those also...But I started a new job this week and wont be able to ship till the week end..I work from 8am till 6-7-8 at night so getting to PO by the time it closes is almost impossible..if you stilll want one send me 5 bucks to cover shipping and it's yours.


    4. moe1965


      That's ok with me I'll send money as I did last time I still have your email address.  Thanks again for all your help.       John

  13. Hi; I'm Robby and have put in a few posts to try and find some parts.  I have a 1994 520H, model 73501 serial # 4901280.  I am looking for a couple of transaxle parts; 108361 (Axel-Rear, LH Short) and 108362 (Axel-Rear, RH Long).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Tractor itself runs like a top but the rear end needs help.  Than you again.



    1. racinfool40


      Yes I should have both..I will double check and let you know.


    2. racinfool40


      sending you a PM

  14. racinfool40

    Broken Raider 12 Transmission

    I have complete good 10 pinion differentials..axle gears and good 1533 bearings...Sounds like someone got a little ruff with it or used it as a pulling tractor.
  15. racinfool40

    Transmission Transplant

    Do not pound on the hub or the axle..if you knock off the snap ring inside the differential that holds the axle...You will be splitting the trans to repair them....FYI.