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  1. It's your tractor, paint it how you like. There are no wheel horse police. Be sure to post pics of your progress and have fun.
  2. massey

    Windolph in the snow

    Those things are cool :handgestures-thumbupright: .
  3. massey

    Picked up this CLUNKER today

    Wow, congrats on a great find. Ed
  4. I've also purchased from Joe's several times and had no issues. They're another great resource available to us. Ed
  5. massey

    Picking Up A C-160 Thursday!

    Looks like it was well worth the trip.
  6. massey


    Thanks for the kudos, I appreciate it. I forgot to say, the grill on this hood was punted pretty bad so I cut it out and just put in a piece of perforated steel, I always liked that look.
  7. massey


    Bringing this back for an update. I got side tracked on buying a few surplus generators and heaters and going over them and painting them up all pretty . I finally painted the hood and put some decals on, didn't get to the 520's tires yet, they may end up on the other 160 along with the reduction steering. Also used the hydro to drag the log splitter out to work.
  8. Always enjoy watching your videos Ian. Ed
  9. Congrats on his project, gotta love tracks
  10. That's an excellent job there. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into that, love to try that someday. Ed
  11. Mad Tom Rackham at the ready Sir.
  12. massey

    OK to Chem Dip?

    I had a set of carbs from my Cuda for a 440-6 which were that gold iridite finish, I put the center carb in overnight and the next morning the gold finish was removed. These were Holley carbs and I wasn't at all happy at the result (although I am certain it was clean). Autozone (whom I purchased the Berrymans from) was zero help. It took several e-mails and phone calls to Berrymans and sending the carb to them and they bought me a new carb. I still don't like the fact that this carb is "newer" looking, but they did replace it for me . All that being said, I still use their product. Just not on the gold iridite finished carbs. Ed
  13. massey

    It happened on this day

    I was fortunate enough to be part of the crew working with the Smithsonian in restoring the Enola Gay. That was the greatest honor I have had in working in the aviation industry. I got to meet Paul Tibbets, Dutch Van Kirk (navigator), and Morris Jeppeson (weapon test officer), at a presentation of the completed project.
  14. massey


    So he can cut his "Astro" turf?