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  1. rj35hunter

    Name that model?

  2. rj35hunter

    Picked up a RJ

    I have a RJ with serial # 21,232 and it also is a RJ58 tag.....has its original K91 Kohler
  3. rj35hunter

    RJ-35 Tires

    Most of the RJ35’s used the B.F.Goodrich Silvertown power grip garden tractor style tires but I’ve seen a select few used Goodyear, Schenuit and the rare B.F.Goodrich Silvertown super hi-cleat garden tractor tire
  4. rj35hunter

    Early RJ tank support

    Your welcome. The tank sits on the bottom pieces and a strap Ins around the tank....this is my 1955 RJ25 which doesn't have the tank. I used this one so it will show the pieces better. This framing for the tanks should only be in 1955 models.
  5. rj35hunter

    Early RJ tank support

    Flat stock going up from frame to stand is 10" long 3/4" wide 1/4" thick. Piece going front to back is 10" long 1" wide and 1/4" thick. 2 pieces going side to creating the bottom for the tank are 6" long 3/4" wide and 1/4" thick. Let me know if you need any different pics etc Clay
  6. rj35hunter

    Early RJ tank support

    I can provide you pictures and dimensions if needed when I get home tonight.....
  7. rj35hunter

    C 160 Automatic

    The spring in the first photo is for the PTO arm and lever just like mine in the photo
  8. rj35hunter

    Square Pan Seat Cover

    PM Sent
  9. rj35hunter

    RJ25 Info

    First most obvious thing to tell other than the engine is whether or not it has the hole in the hood for the gastank as it should not have a hole. Second it shouldn't have a kill switch on hood unless someone has added it....other than the engine, hole in hood, and kill switch they are practically the same tractor as a RJ35. The engine if it's original should be a Briggs Model 8 with a cast iron block, air vein governor not mechanical and should have a recoil starter instead of rope pull only. I own a original 1955 RJ25 so will help you all I can. Good luck!
  10. rj35hunter

    551 deck question

    The belt guard plays a large role in keeping the belt from turning when not engaged....the Suburban belt guard for the deck has a belt guide made into it that puts enough pressure on the belt to keep it from turning.....
  11. rj35hunter

    1980 D160 Twin Automatic

    Changed Price to $1,650.00
  12. rj35hunter

    Late Three Piece Transmssion

    Here is the date on a RJ58 I'm restoring and I'm pretty sure it's the original transmission and it's E4-9....
  13. rj35hunter

    RJ 35 Completed

    Red 100% will be the right look if you want it correct...my 2 cents but looks good....
  14. rj35hunter

    schrader 9252

    I'm thinking your talking about this valve which is different than the standard valves laying around like here at our shop....these are for the calcium filled style tubes for RJ and Suburban etc....
  15. rj35hunter

    New Website and name change!

    Wow! Awesome Lowell! This hobby needs this kindof thing to keep it going!