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  1. travlindave

    179 C-121 hydro/automatic Drive Belt??

    Thanks Garry!
  2. Guys can you give me some info on what the Wheel Horse Drive Belt number and/or size is for themy C-121 automatic tractor? It is a 1979 model !
  3. Anyone know or have any data on the pressure created by the Hein Werner hydraulic pumps used in the early Wheel Horse tractors? I know they will lift a lot of weight. I just had a Wheel Horse Disc and two cement blocks on the back of a 1054 and the pump lifted this with no problem. Amazing that the small steel cable and the pumpb can carry something like that on it. Anyway tyring to figure out what the range/limitations of the pump may be as far as capacity etc. Pump might be used in other applicaitons to run off PTO on a tractor for a forklift, logsplitter , etc if it will hold up to the stress.
  4. travlindave

    NC. storm cleanup.

    My brother Lane has one of those sweet gums in his front yard and they are really not "sweet". They jam up everything, mower, lawn sweeper, dethatcher and more!
  5. travlindave

    Can I use weights from a 1054?

    The WW-93 Wheel Weights are made in two 45 pound halves that bolt from the inside of the 15 inch wheel . As others have indicated, the wheel has four holes for lug nutes from the outside. On the 1054 when placing wheel weights on you need to use extended bolts from the inside to the wheel to the outside and use an older GM type lug nut We have two sets of these and they are heavy weights to add to the rear of the 1054. They will also fit the GT 14 but I am unaware of any other Wheel Horse that they wheels that they will securly bolt on.
  6. These are a few of the photos my brother Lane took today at Scott Mehlberg's Meet and Great. A great time was held by all! This was the third year we went and the biggest crowd and mix of tractors to date. I hope those that could not attend enjoy some of the photos. A special treat for those attending was the participation my members of Cecil Pond's Family that Scott Mehlburg recognized. Some plowing photos: Martin Howard's recently completed 1057 for his son Kent:
  7. The Hoosier State, near Leesburg, Indiana!
  8. travlindave

    picked up a sickle bar SMS-425

    Looks complete and that round bar is in the correct spot. The bar keeps from loading lots of weeds in that spot when cutting.
  9. Lane and I are loading up this am for the Paririe Land Heritage Museum Show in Jacksonville, Illinois! We are taking two 1967 Lawn Rangers and a 1959 and 1958 RJ! Should be a good time!
  10. travlindave

    Wanted!!! Detailed pics of 55 rj35

    We ike it! Good to see you and Duke worked a nice deal for getting that tractor going again! David and Lane Ralph
  11. travlindave

    Ten of the Ralph Wheel Horse out for a spin today!

    With parts and five more sitting around we only need a sign and we will be one!
  12. We had ten of our 17 Wheel Horse out for a spin today. Two B-80's, a B-100 Hydro, two 1965 1054's, two Lawn Rangers a 1965 and a 1967, a 1978 C-121, and a 1968 Radier 9 and our 1958 RJ!
  13. travlindave

    Hensler Nursey -Wheel Horse Event

    Online photos from Hensler's Wheel Horse weekend: http://www.henslernu...-horse-weekend/ Photos from Wheel Horse Weekend Share A big thank you to everyone who came out to Hensler’s Fall Fest and Wheel Horse Weekend! We had an impressive set of garden tractors on display, and we really appreciate all of the participation. Of course, we had to take some of those tractors out for a spin on our Wheel Horse Trail Ride. Check out the photos below!
  14. travlindave

    Mentone Spring 2012 Swap Meet

    Wingrider: We drove north and missed the tire problem picture but we had a phone call report right after it happended. The load on the back must have been a little much for the tire that blew. And if you look close the tires and wheels on the trailer that the horse was hauling look like wheel horse tractor tires and wheels!