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  1. PlowDayJunkie

    Central NY area to Mentone

    Is that mentone Illinois . i will be headed to north west Ohio next month
  2. PlowDayJunkie

    Wheel Horse mid mount grader blade

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. PlowDayJunkie

    Wheel Horse mid mount grader blade

    Changed Status to Pending
  4. I have a Wheel Horse mid mount grader blade for sale, has surface rust on blade, the rest in great condition. Has rear axle mounts and lift rod. manual angle. $300.00 OBO picked up can and will ship for small pallet fee of $25.00 which will include drop at Fastenal or a UPS pick up location i will have to update later with pictures my Google is not working
  5. PlowDayJunkie

    Last weekends pull

    Hey Duane Scott Carmen here, do you have any GT 14 components to hook up a mower deck ? I have the deck, it was my grandfathers GT and my uncle and I want to put the mower on it but are missing the quick tach and the side mule parts Thanks Scott
  6. PlowDayJunkie

    Never seen one. Are they that common

    YUP STEVE hooked me up after my 5 hour drive, I just had to have one. used it on the X-mass tree farm. I have one left, but it does not have the rear wheels. I would sell cheap just to get it out of my way, hundred bucks 315-794-1377 they do work nice, Scott located in Little Falls, NY. 13365
  7. I will be headed from Little Falls NY. 13365, to Green Lake WI. I will leave on thursday night the 8th of DEC go to DETROIT via I-90, then on to WI friday the 9th. depart WI. Sunday morning the 11th. I will give best deal if I pick up or drop on my route with no delays but I can deviate a little. let me know if you need something hauled 4 place enclosed trailer and truck with cap thank you Scott 315-794-1377 hometownconstruction.carmen@gmail.com
  8. PlowDayJunkie

    Front mower deck carrier

    I still have one left, it is missing the rear height rods and wheels. $150.00 picked up it works well you just use rear height from your deck. regards Scott :hide:
  9. PlowDayJunkie

    will haul end of march

    I am headed to DIXON, IL the end of march, I will be going out I-90 through NY, PA, OH, then the I-80 through OH, IN, IL, to the I-39 then IL 52 to Dixon. I have an 8ft bed on my truck, and could take a 16ft open trailer if required. I am looking for some fuel money and small amount for time. I will pick up and drop off along my route, could do door to door but will have bit more cost of delivery/time. 315-794-1377 cell or email ; hometownconstruction@twcny.rr.com thanks Scott I will be headed to LONG ISLAND, NY almost all they way out in the next week or so. ALSO I will be headed to VIRGINIA BEACH memorial day weekend, and that is the week I plan on returning from IL.
  10. PlowDayJunkie

    stranges thing you found

    Do not forget we also had the REVOLUTION here in central New York. I live near the Home of General Herkimer, and as a young boy scout we used to find all sorts of stuff around the hills here. Just Sayin Scott
  11. PlowDayJunkie

    i just sold it

    another 400 gets the 60 inch deck. I have sleeve hitches, cultivators, plows, all available for the wheel horse. scott :thumbs:
  12. PlowDayJunkie

    i just sold it

    I have a 520-H with no attachments 24-12-12 turfs on the back. hydraulic lift, and the direction lever on the steering column. excellent seat. $900.00 located zip code 13365 Scott 315-794-1377 Little Falls, NY. 13365 USA Attached Image
  13. PlowDayJunkie

    Made some wheel weights

    I made a set of concrete weights years ago. I used a 12 inch rim, lined it with aluminum foil, used 2 pieces of 1/2 inch plastic conduit that I bolted to the rim tight. poured in the concrete, I even made a rings out of ductile iron pipe so the weights were wider than the rim,.....worked for many years, and they could be taken off very easily. Scott :banghead:
  14. PlowDayJunkie

    from pa to il

    I will be headed to DIXON IL. on April 1st, from NY. I can go through PA if needed. let me know where item is in PA so I can see if or how far out of the way it is , and I can give you a good price for transport. And I can see what I would need to take,,, IE....just truck or trailer. Scott Little Falls, NY 13365 :banghead:
  15. PlowDayJunkie

    my tractor

    DIVORCE and LAWYER FEES,,,,,,,, that is why all my stuff is for sale. if this site is not for selling then remove the CLASSIFIEDS. I post it all here because then maybe someone that is specifically into Wheel Horse will enjoy it a bit more. I spent lots of time gathering my fleet, not to sell the whole thing as I am doing, it is out of NEED not want, but I would like to at least break even or close on what I have spent. I have many times, jumped at something and most likely paid too much, but I am impulsive that way. I thank everyone that has helped me thin the pile, and to all a MERRY CHRISTMAS I will not be posting any more stuff for sale here as it seems to OFFEND the purists, thank you for the space to vent for FREE as we are in that type of FREE world just my $.02 Scott Carmen MODERATORS PLEASE delete my NAME from this site :ychain: