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    1958 rj58
    1958 rj58
    1958 rj58
    1958 rj58
    1958 rj58
    1960 400
    1961 551
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    1964 1054
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  1. ricksrj58

    D160 parts tractor

    this tractor is missing the engine,wiring not sure what other small parts might be missing.it is a early d160 that had the kohler single on it.it has to go to a new home or the scrap yard.asking $100.pickup only call 814 591 5428
  2. i have a 42 inch RD deck with the recycler insert.will it cut better with regular mulching blades and if so what part number are you using?
  3. ricksrj58

    2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    loaded up and ready to leave in the morning
  4. ricksrj58

    Attachment Tuesday guys!!

  5. ricksrj58

    Anything Goes Sunday

  6. ricksrj58

    2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    i pulled out a few more things. 2 very nice lawn ranger wheel horse tires $50 1973 8 4spd with RD deck $300 mower deck off a 312-8 in very good condition very nice deck off a 1054
  7. ricksrj58

    Hood ornaments....?

    keep us posted.i am interested in the horse and wheel design.
  8. ricksrj58

    Hood ornaments....?

    i like this design
  9. ricksrj58

    Side Shot Saturday !!

  10. ricksrj58

    Side Shot Saturday !!

  11. ricksrj58

    mulching deck wanted

    how much you want for it ?is it new or used?
  12. ricksrj58

    What Horse, and how old

    mine was a rj-58 that my grandfather bought new,my father grew up mowing and plowing with it and so did i.it became mine when i was in my teens,i am 45 now.
  13. ricksrj58

    2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    if anyone has a mulching deck to fit on a 312-8 i am in need of one,we can do a little trading or just cash.
  14. ricksrj58

    mulching deck wanted

    looking for a 42 or smaller mulching deck for on a 312-8.i will be at the WH show in pa with stuff to sell or trade.