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  1. horsefeathers

    New again

    Thanks for the Welcome Back Friends! As you know Life get's in the way! I'am planing to make the Big Show this year! With something new!
  2. horsefeathers

    New again

    Isthis the same place? Or am I lost? Is there anyboby out there?
  3. horsefeathers

    Kiss the grass

    Thanks for the welcome Massey !
  4. horsefeathers

    Kiss the grass

    First thing in the morining go out and "Kiss the Grass" If it wasn't for grass we would never need Wheel Horse tractors!! And they would not have been built...To collect ! Kiss the Grass!
  5. horsefeathers

    I'am on my way!

    Guy's I'am sorry , I put in a last ditch effort today ! Buy I'am hurtin' shoulder pain burcidus and neck! On heavy meds, noway I can drive the 5 hours! Sux...I wish I could be there! May be next year I have a plan!!
  6. horsefeathers

    Got my boots muddy

    Indy , Careful you'll poke yer eye out!! I walk my dog every day and keep lookin' but never find anything ! An old friend has been doing this for years..he found 9 points last spring in the same field I walk!?? I must be doing something wrong!!
  7. horsefeathers

    My Christmas Gift to Myself... 58RJor59 with Reel Mower and More

    Guess I've been naughty! An RJ is on my wish... list but Santa still hasn't come through yet! Maybe this is the year ! I've been good really! I have!! Good one Stevebo!! She's a keeper!
  8. horsefeathers

    What's your favorite.......Holiday drink???

    Milk !!! that's what they drink in the winners circle right? I'am from the Pa. coal country and work for Joy mining machinery We build underground mining equiptment for coal mining industry! Post that recipe Steve!
  9. horsefeathers

    Messing around with the "rat" theme

    Just keep buildin' stevebo ! yer on the right path ...More Harley parts please!
  10. horsefeathers

    Boy it's nice to be back!

    :dunno: I'll have a cold brew thanks Karl !! I'am back and glad to be here ! I thought I was black balled from here when I couldn't log in ! Thanks Jason !!! (I'am not black balled am I???) :wh:
  11. horsefeathers

    Don't miss it tonight...

    $6500. USD and don't forget the $55. batery! Yup that's right Rick went over buget ! $6555.00 USD! And they had that stereing problem w/the gears ! They never did say how they fixed that???!! There's gold in them there hills out in Navada! Well mostly silver ! But dam!!! $6500. resto?? Ain't goinna' happen in my backyard!! HORSEFEATHERS!
  12. What works for you guy's ? Tinkerin' on the Horse's ? Yer truck,classic car, or boat? That dam carb that just ain't right? How do ya' spend yer free time? Ohh.. and time ain't free!!! Ya' trade this for that! The clock is tickin'! Don't lose focuse! Do your own thing! (NOW)!!! HORSEFEATHERS
  13. horsefeathers

    I missed the bigun'

    Been gone for awhile but I'am still here just gittin' back to my ture love MOPAR"S I have been thinin' out my tractors but .. just so I can concentrate on the good stuff! Got something in the works I think you'll like!?? Ain't goinna' miss the big show next year! HORSEFEATHERS!
  14. horsefeathers

    Updated Rat RJ58

    Vince , way too cool ... I need the competition! Bring it on!