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  1. clueless

    Hurricane Michael cleanup.

    Didn't effect either of us. Can't speak for Rich, but I'm doing fine, well maybe not, it's according to who you ask .
  2. clueless

    73 or 74 16 horse?

    I'm debating on buying another horse, as usual I don't need it but...... A member here has two 70s 16 hp hydros for sell, a 1973, and a 1974 both look to be in about the same shape. They both run and everything work as should, he's changed all the fuilds, no leaks anywhere. He buys WHs cleans them up gets them working and sell them so he knows what he is doing, I know him and trust him. The only reason I'm think of buying one is the the 70s 16 horse hydro is the top one on my bucket list and these are close as opposed to the the ones that usually come up for sell. What other than the hydro lever location is different and with everything being equal which would you prefer and why?
  3. clueless

    New Neighbors

    Could have been a Walmart.
  4. clueless

    Missing Sheet Metal Piece

    It helps with cooling the engine, I wouldn't run it with out it, at least not for more than a minute or two.
  5. clueless

    Restore or not

    Some here like to restore them, some like to keep the patina, then there are those who customize, Me I like sleepin, Specially in my Mollys chamber Just get it running and enjoy it like it is.
  6. clueless


    Evan is in Southport, about 18 miles north of where Jim is reporting from. Pensacola, and Gulf Breeze, a little wind and rain, typical summer afternoon stuff.
  7. clueless


    Member, evanloock, has been around this site a long time doesn't post much but knows his WH stuff. He is getting pounded hard right now, say a little prayer for him and his family. Chris.
  8. clueless

    Where have I been, and doing what?

    Is there an elevator in that house ?
  9. clueless

    Local Find.

    Yea, between the foot rest, the front wheels, they are the earlier style no holes, the steering wheel, and the throttle/chock assembly I could double my money. The back tires are generals and in great shape, it also has the rear slot hitch. Like I said I don't plan on parting it out, somebody, somewhere needs this thing. Looks as if they used parts of other earlier tractors to make this one year tractor, I haven't check yet but it looks like the throttle/chock assembly is the same as the 1960 400 burb.
  10. clueless

    Local Find.

    Birthday boy Richie, gave me heads up on this one, a month are two ago (damned enablers). Local guy listed that he had two old WHs for sell $100.00 for both. When I got there one wasn't a horse, some kind of a MTD maybe, but the other one was. I told him I'd give him $75.00 for it but I didn't want the other tractor, done deal. We got to talking about WHs, he said he had seen only one before, he bids on estate sell auctions and want to know what to look for. After we talked for a while he said that one of the engines he got in the same auction had W H written on it and it might be from the tractor. We end up a one of his storage building, there were about 6 or 7 engines that he got in the auction, the one with the W H written on it look to be the one off the tractor, he said I could have it. Sitting next was a K91 with tank, it turned over and had compression, he asked if $100.00 was good . So what I got was a crusty locked in gear original 603 with the crusty original 6hp, and a nice K91. I don't plan on doing anything with the tractor but wanted to save it from being scraped. I thought about parting it out but I think I'll leave it like it is, somebody down here my need or want it, or if I ever get to the show I'll bring it with me.
  11. This is how we prepare for winter down here...
  12. clueless

    Happy Birthday Richie

    Rich, enjoy your day.
  13. clueless

    Electric Lift Kit

    What models will this fit?
  14. Kev, when you get older and fart when lifting something, you need to check your shorts . I know TMI.
  15. clueless

    What's missing ?

    A-Z Tractors (vendor section) has every thing you need, put one on my 312 last year. You will need the dash and shiftier plates also or you can notch the ones you have. Go to the manual section and pull up the parts list for a later model 312, or any 400 series it will show you everything you need.