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  1. Biggest question, why do you want to buy it .
  2. clueless

    just purchased a 1999 314-8

    The 6 inch wheel and the 8 inch use different spindles. I know the 6 inch won't work on the 8 inch spindle, not for sure if the 8 inch will work with the 6 inch spindle. If they do it will raise the front of the tractor up to much for a proper cut. Any of the decks will work with the 6 inch wheels, the 37 inch side discharge won't work with the 8 inch wheels.
  3. clueless

    Work truck choice?

    Sarge, I've got a 04 limited, with the 4.7, had it for 12 years, love this truck. My only complaint is gas mileage, 13 around town, 17 hwy, and if your towing anything over 2500 lbs forget about it, probably has a lot to do with the 3.93 rear. The 05 and 06 had more horses, and a 5 speed auto, and a little better gas mileage. I see many around here with over 300,000 miles on them still running fine. Mine is the extended cab, still haven't gotten use to the turning radius, still can't seen to park it square it a parking spot. Find one that has been maintained, you will be happy, happy. I believe they were rated as a 3/4 ton truck.
  4. I'm with you Rich, the fastest 1/4 mile for me was a little over 10 second, my fastest lap at Atlanta Motor Speedway was 149.23 mph in one of Tony Stewarts old cars. I've only driven a race boat once, if you can even call what I was doing driving, like you, never again, I thought for sure I was going over 100 mph, gps said 83 .
  5. Nowadays my need for speed is when I need to get to the head in the house when I'm out in the shop. A couple of bottles of the amber liquid will definitely add some speed to it.
  6. clueless

    Happy Birthday Racinbob

    Enjoy your day Bob, .
  7. clueless


    Are the girls going with you on the big boat, the night sky will be amazing. Take some binoculars with you.
  8. clueless

    just purchased a 1999 314-8

    So you don't want to spend tons of money to make it look new again, and your plan is to use spray can pant, so pictures are what we really need to help.
  9. clueless

    just purchased a 1999 314-8

    A couple of things, when you say I'm new to this, does that mean to the Wheel horse garden tractor thing, or tearing down things and repainting them? That will have a lot to do with the help we can give you.
  10. clueless

    just purchased a 1999 314-8

    If your going to use a rattle can you can still buy new Toro red, not cheap but sprays on nice and I think it has hardner in it.
  11. clueless


  12. clueless

    Hydro trans fluid?

    Thanks, guys.
  13. clueless

    Hello from Atlanta

    More and more of us southern boys are showing up here. Maybe one day we can have a show down here
  14. clueless

    Hydro trans fluid?

    Thanks, next question, I'm going to remove the seat pan and degrease it and rinse it off, is there any way water can get in the trans. I know on the 8 speeds it can get in through the shiftier hole.
  15. Rich, if you bring the tractor I'll bring a wagon, you can pull my big a** around .