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  1. clueless

    Decal removal?

    If you've been married to the same women for more than 20 years, you should know all the rules by then. Thanks guys heat and some WD 40 it is. By the way WD 40 is one of the best products to clean and protect stainless steel, use to use it on the sinks, wrapper, and tables in the butcher shop at work, just don't let the food inspectors, or the OSHA guys know .
  2. clueless

    310-8 hiccup

    I've used a couple, they seem to work fine.
  3. I'm thinking of replacing my decals on my 312 with Terry's carbon fiber ones. Looking for the best way to remove the old ones.
  4. clueless

    314-8 Help Please

    Richard, your turn. .
  5. Kevin, when unhitching the load bars make sure you take the trailer weight off the hitch first. Not sure if the newer ones work the same as my dads, but if you disconnected the bar before taking the weight off you can hurt a lot of different body parts depending on if your standing or kneeling. Trust me I know.
  6. Kevin, with that much trailer and truck you might look into a load leveling hitch system. When my dad put one on his 32 footer years ago it made a big difference in the overall handling.
  7. I'm thinking about putting one on my 702. Any mods or anything you had to do to make it work, throttle connection, mounting, same belt, would be helpful. Looks like you really busy so no hurry.
  8. clueless

    Nothing to lose, what would you offer?

    Down here that's a $800 to 900 dollar tractor, I think $600.00 would be fair.
  9. clueless

    Wheel horse 603

    A few days ago I posted ( Local Find) pictures of a 603, it's a little crusty but mostly all there. Just search: local find.
  10. clueless

    Starter growl on 520h when first engaged

    My 416 with the Onan started doing that awhile back, only had 200 hr on it. Stater looked clean so I hit it with some dry lub, didn't help. Thought it might be an electrical issue so off to my local WH guy with 40 years of experience. He called a couple of days later, said it was good to go. He said the starter wasn't getting enough juice to it sometimes, and that the pto safety switch wasn't always making full contact when the lever was disengaged. He found the pto spring behind the dash had come loose and reconnected it, not as easy as it sounds. Don't know if that's what is was but it's been work just ever since.
  11. clueless

    Wheel horse 603

    I think the 603 is the only model that had the half moon shaped steering wheel.
  12. clueless


    Rich, I'm in.
  13. clueless

    Hurricane Michael cleanup.

    I got a message from member evanloock, yesterday, he and his family a fine. They're staying with kinfolk in Alabama, their place, 25 miles north of Panama City has a little damage and the electricity is back on .
  14. clueless

    Hurricane Michael cleanup.

    Didn't effect either of us. Can't speak for Rich, but I'm doing fine, well maybe not, it's according to who you ask .
  15. clueless

    73 or 74 16 horse?

    I'm debating on buying another horse, as usual I don't need it but...... A member here has two 70s 16 hp hydros for sell, a 1973, and a 1974 both look to be in about the same shape. They both run and everything work as should, he's changed all the fuilds, no leaks anywhere. He buys WHs cleans them up gets them working and sell them so he knows what he is doing, I know him and trust him. The only reason I'm think of buying one is the the 70s 16 horse hydro is the top one on my bucket list and these are close as opposed to the the ones that usually come up for sell. What other than the hydro lever location is different and with everything being equal which would you prefer and why?