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  1. mavfreak

    Western PA plow, pull, GT show

    won't be attending now have to work my ass hat of a service writer scheulald in a car that I failed for insepction for a recheck to see if the owner did fix it and I have to be there then I have the kids cause my wife has to work. May stop by just to see whats going on but will not have a tractor. Not a happy person right now
  2. mavfreak

    Bad News and Good News

    Just wasn't your time Karl, god has differn't plans for you. I will keep you in my paryers and thoughts for a full recovery. Rest up and do as the doctors say. You'll be back in do time!
  3. mavfreak

    Western PA plow, pull, GT show

    I'm hoping to be there
  4. western PA garden tractor association plow and pull day is coming May 4th
  5. mavfreak


    I've heard that Cummins released the prats rights for aftermarket companys to make them. Is this true and if so then Onans will be around longer.
  6. mavfreak


    My setpdad has a johndeere 318. This past spring he had me go over it and was complaning of lack of power. the engine started but took forever to do it. did a compression check had 80psi on one cyclinder and 70 on the other (wet test) checked the hours on the meter just shy of 2200hrs. (was told that hr meter hasn't worked for some time). He has owned this tractor since 99 had 1025hrs on it when he bought it. He rearly changed oil and never tuned it up. I torn it down to to see if it was worth rebuilding. The cyclinders was shot the crank was out of spec, the valves were so bad the seats were beat out. Found a company that offered remans. $2500. He went ahead and put the reman on it. Like my stepdad said he isn't going to find a tractor with all the attachments that he has for the johndeere for that kinda money. I have heard many of bad things about Ohan engines but I think this one proves that they can run even with bad maitance. on a side note when I checked into rebuilding this one many parts were not availible, the crank was one and oversized piston was another.
  7. mavfreak


    Doubt I will be on Christmas day so .... Have a wonderful Christmas Everyone!
  8. mavfreak


    It's the smell of money to me.I see many transmissions welded together! Some I can't even get the clutchs out of drums and have to get a new drum also. I agree with just about everything you ae say but the simple fact is no one wants to pay in that feild anymore. In 1997 I was working as a Mechanic and got a job in a fab shop making double what I was as the mechanic. In 2010 they closed that plant and moved to mexico. I could find a job as a welder making half what I did. Now I work as a mechenic starting out making a dollar more than what I was making in the fab shop.Its a strange circle!
  9. mavfreak


    Always a posility! Did Auotboby for a while wasn't my cup of tea. But I did have small buisness corse while in school. But heres the neat part. I am a AAMCO certified Transmission REbuilder. Now there is a buisness to go into. Cars will always have a trans, even Hybrids.
  10. He claims to have a new one so I may let the pictured one go if he finds the other one...I kinda got in contact with him at a bad time so he was unable to show me the rest of the stuff but when he is ready I will be getting a call. I got another lead tonight from another former wheel horse dealer that I am going to check out too bad all of these are coming up now when it is so close to Christmas . It always seams the great deals come around christmas time! Not that i have any money anyother time
  11. mavfreak


    yes there is alot of chatching up on here. Plus learning how to navigat the new sight (new to me) last time I was on this sight was just getting set up. I like it so far! And best wishes to you for the holidays! Heath
  12. mavfreak


    Wow, Being awhile since I was on Here. To let anyone know I finshed school at the end on sept. I finsished top of my class with 3.89 gpa and perfect attendance.The 99% from the frist semester was a missprint. I have a Assosetes Degree in Automotive siences. I am an ASE Master tech with the L1 advanved certivifit. I have my PA state inspection licesn class 4 ( I can inspect anything cars/trucks under 17000lbs, trucks over 17000lbs, buses, motorcycles) I have my PA emissions license, An I am PA certified emissions repair tech. I started work on Oct 1st at AAMCO as a transmisson Rebuilder. So thats what has been keeping me away these last couple of months Hey were is the dam spell check?