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  1. I love that red motor cover.. That mower is really sharp.. The black is SO COOL! B)
  2. blackplague

    1991 520-H

    WOW... I wish you would have done mine.. Yours is looking very nice! keep up the good work. You'll have a hell of a tractor when your done.
  3. Search is not helping me at all when I am trying to find this post... I couldn't find it like that also. I had to look at his profile and find his threads..
  4. Well, I was thinking about using a style that the newer Kobota uses. Of i might just buy one from a member on here selling them.. Looks so simple its hard.
  5. blackplague

    Power Steering on C-161 needed

    My 520 has the gear reduction and with 400+ lbs of weight i can turn fairly easily.. I believe this would be your best bet. Although powersteering would have a " cool" factor B)
  6. Its funny you said that, I was just watching his vid.. I was wanting to make one but i havent seen a real good example till i seen wheelbearings.. ill tear the fenders off tomorrow to see how it works.. Looks like it would be really simple. Thanks buddy! B)
  7. Im looking for some info to set up my 520H to use foot control.... I HATE THE LEVER! The lever control is more than a PINA wile tying to use the loader..