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  1. That's not a 1960 suburban hood it reallly comes down with what are you going to do with it. If you are going to do any work I would get the 857. If it is to play the small ones are cooler
  2. Tim

    Sickle Bar Mower SMS-425

    I have the "u" part i tried to convert a sickle bar mower to a attachamatic didn't work out the shaft was cut short let me know if you want it...
  3. Tim

    C-160 8spd

    I have one -runs good Use it to till Not original as I painted it and put new decals on it not show quality but clean $500 Will put turf tire on it right now has ags for tilling I have a 12hp I will till with If interested let me know In sutton ma
  4. Tim

    C-100 Front Weight

    Google "Noma wheel weights $50 plus shipping" I bought two sets Good news they are the cheapest you will find Bad news you have to drill new holes that line up to holes of wheels so you can bolt on. I had a WH weight set to line up the new holes made it very easy
  5. Tim

    Tiller recommendations

    8 speeds are better for tilling as you get more consistent speed pass to pass. That being said tillers are heavy to pick up manually. I have a 25X30 garden. 8 speed c160 is my choice for a tiller tractor. I know way more hp than needed
  6. Tim

    Bagging setup for a 267h

    I don't it will fit.
  7. Tim

    Bagging setup for a 267h

    Need bagging setup for this tractor Looks like a 42 inch deck with plug in it for recycling Anybody.......
  8. You see them between $350 to $500
  9. Tim

    Thoughts on a possible trade

    what are your plans for the tractor(s)? is this for collecting or working? what will the D do that the C won't for you? you have a known in the tractor you have now, i.e. you know what works and doesn't work the other one could have a boat load of issues, who knows i don't really get rid of knowns for unknowns unless there is a good reason
  10. Tim, whats your address for the plow blade cutting edges?

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    2. Tim



    3. oe espo

      oe espo

      Did you receive your cutting edges

    4. Tim


      Yes thanks they look great


  11. Tim

    48" Plow/Dozer NEW cutting edge

    I'll take two steel ones Do you take pay pal
  12. i could be wrong but i think that they now call themselves Bercomac http://www.bercomac.com/produits_souffleuses_ang.php
  13. Tim

    420 LSE at work

    erosion is going to happen plant seed ASAP to develop a root system to minimize
  14. Tim

    Torch Recommendations

    those little oxy tanks don't last long at all I think about 10 minutes it's been a while since i used mine
  15. Tim


    its cold try using a heat gun or a hair dryer to make them more pliable