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  1. JC 1965

    Economy Tractor 1612

    Economy made great little tractors. They are really hard workers.
  2. JC 1965

    Happy Birthday Ed

    Ed, hope it's the best one ever. .
  3. JC 1965

    310-8 and 312-8

  4. JC 1965

    Please welcome our newest Moderator....

    Great news, congrats Steve.
  5. More prayers just sent for Scottie and family.
  6. JC 1965

    43 years ago

    This May will be 52 years for the wife and i .
  7. Jim. Hope It's a great one.
  8. JC 1965

    Happy Birthday "oldman"

    Hope it's a great one.
  9. JC 1965

    Emory at hospital

    Prayers just sent for Emory and his family.
  10. JC 1965

    Batteries; Your Thoughts?

    My last two batteries came from Wally world. I use a battery tender on them when their not in use and they are several years old.
  11. JC 1965

    Windshield Washer Fluid Sale

    I use the Rain-x brand. It really is good stuff.
  12. Glad to hear Scottie is doing better. Prayers still being sent for Scottie ,Bryan and the family.
  13. Very sorry to hear this. Prayers just sent for Scott and his family.
  14. JC 1965

    Anyone heard from Howard?

    Prayers just sent for Howard. I hope he will be ok.