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  1. xring1

    417A drivebelt

    Thanks.... I got what i need
  2. xring1

    417A drivebelt

    Anyone know the size and part number for a 417A drive belt. Probably the info is in the forums but I could not find it. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the input. Switch is history. Bypassed and starts fine.
  4. So if the problem is the switch under the console plate I just jumper it like I did the PTO switch ?
  5. I just checked the wiring diagram and there are different switches for parking brake and pedal
  6. Hi TT So this is the pedal interlock switch ?
  7. Where is the safety swithch located for the clutch, brake, speed control ? I have looked at the parts diagram on PartsTree and don't see it. My problem is that when it gets real cold it will not engage solinoid etc when pedal is pushed. If I warm the tractor with a gas heater it will start so I suspect maybe moisture and freezing up as I use it a lot for snow blowing. It gave me fits last year and so far this year it has been ok till now.. I need to bypass/jumper the switch till I can try a new one. Does the switch open or close to start ?
  8. xring1

    Transmission drain on C-125

    Found it. Thanks My son slightly overfilled the transmission and I hope that is why it started going slow
  9. In my manual it says there is a pipe plug drain on the left side toward the end of the axle housing. Guess I am blind cause I don't see anything like that. Help !
  10. xring1

    Towing Capacity

    I drag around about 1/3 cord green oak on a trailer all the time with my 8 spd C-125 in 2nd gear hi range
  11. I have a 42" blower and manual and need to replace the chain. Blower 0642st04 also 3269 on tag The manual does not show the chain and I need a picture of the chain routing around idler etc. DISREGARD.... found what I needed
  12. xring1

    417A safety switch location??

    Does the circuit have to be open or closed to operate ? I know seat safety has to be open and pto safety has to be closed
  13. xring1

    417A safety switch location??

    The switch where ever it is was froze as i suspected. Covered and heated the tractor and starter ran. still need to locate the switch to eliminate any further problems
  14. I was blowing snow the other day and parked the tractor. Yesterday I went to start it and starter does not run. Battery is ok and power to system The seat safety has been bypassed for a long time as well as the pto switch. I think now I have a problem with the (neutral ?) safety switch that works on the brake/shifter. I need to know where that switch is located and if the circuit has to be opened or closed to engage starter
  15. xring1

    417A electrical problem

    I got it..... It was the neutral switch