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  1. TheUnknownCat

    Safari 399 (Wheel Horse Snowmobile)

    Since I have your attention -some of your links don't work. Some of them take you back to the main page instead of enlarging the pic?
  2. TheUnknownCat

    Safari 399 (Wheel Horse Snowmobile)

    Oh yeah I did! You've got just about the only info on these things on the web, thank you very much. I'll post better pics after I get it cleaned up, and would be glad to send you some to add to your collection.
  3. TheUnknownCat

    Safari 399 (Wheel Horse Snowmobile)

    Can I get it for twenty bucks too? This thing aint going far, just behind the barn. I'm pretty sure that the C160 will be happy to help me drag it.
  4. I have no idea how this wound up in the middle of Oklahoma, but the craigslist ad said that it was complete, and unmolested, and had been sitting in his yard for 16 years, and that for twenty bucks I could drag it off, so naturally -I did. Having never lived in snowmobile country, I don't know anything about them, never had the opportunity to tear into one. Twenty bucks seems like cheap tuition, so I'm in. I'm an old hand with two stroke dirt bikes, and this isn't much of a stretch from there, now that I've poked around. Looks like the K399 Kohler wants to run, and the rest of this beast looks like it's game for a go or two, if we ever get enough snow. I intend to just give it a going-over and hide it somewhere until we get that snow, and then be king of the beer runs for a day or two. Info on these is pretty rare, so I'm taking the opportunity to post the pics for the next knucklehead that wants to know. Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. TheUnknownCat

    Cub Cadet 149

    I've been running this Cub as a dedicated mower, and it has been great. It is really a heavy duty machine, but the truth of its steering problem finally surfaced a few days ago. I was driving it, (slowly and carefully,) over some rough ground, and had to make a sharp turn. As I cranked the wheel, the tractor made a loud *pop* from the steering mechanism, and would then only make left turns. It wouldn't turn right at all, the steering wheel would just cank all the way to the right, but the front tires stayed straight. I finished up my mowing, only turning left, and parked the tractor until I had time to look into it. I'm still kind of shocked over what occurred -the cast steering gear box failed. The bottom of it blew out. I'll post a pic, just for FYI when I get a chance. The good news is that there are several replacements available on ebay at a fair price, and that the C160 also has a mowing deck. I just hate putting it on and taking it off so that I can run my other attachments.
  6. TheUnknownCat

    C-160 Restore

    Yep, I'm watching this post too. My 160 is likely to get the same treatment this winter. You're lookin' good. :D
  7. TheUnknownCat

    Cub Cadet 149

    Chalk up one more K321 for back into service. Fired right up, and runs like a champ. <_<
  8. TheUnknownCat

    Cub Cadet 149

    Oh yeah -and I gotta squeeze that axle bracket back together. Thanks for the heads up on that one Big Mike!
  9. TheUnknownCat

    Cub Cadet 149

    Thanks for all of the good info, Big Mike, and everyone else that helped out. I took the drive shaft out today. The rag connector looked like new, so I knew I was okay on that end, but that set-up at the engine end is pretty hokey. Why they would put such a weird little mess on such a heavily engineered piece of equipment is beyond me -must have been a new guy on the design team, and he must have been related to the boss. It didn't help that someone had "worked on it," too. They used a smaller diameter bolt to replace the pin that holds the shaft to the hub, and the shaft diameter has worn down a bit, making for a slightly loose fit there. It seemed like I had found the culprit, but I fired it up with the shaft disconnected, and it still jumped around and seemed to be kind of knocking. It's a weird knock though, it didn't have a metallic sound, so I decided to pull the head and see about the carbon build-up. The head bolts loosened up way too easy, all of 'em. Someone had de-carboned it and didn't torque the head down, so of course -it was leaking. There's blow-by marks on the gasket, all around the valves. I'd bet a cold drink that this is the problem. Anyway, I'll let ya know after I button it back up -I'm just waiting for that coat of metallic spraypaint to dry on the head gasket. Regarding the steering, it looks simple enough. The side plate on the steering box flexes before it moves the actuator arm, a clean-up and reassemble oughta take care of that. Thanks again for helping me guess at this thing guys -it's a pretty fun game when you have so many good players!
  10. TheUnknownCat

    C160 Video

    I could only get about 70psi out of that pump, but I guess if I were circa 1936, I'd be about outta puff too. Fun experiment though, gonna do more.
  11. TheUnknownCat

    C160 Video

    I don't thrash my equipment -you must have watched someone else's video.
  12. TheUnknownCat

    C160 Video

    Just running an old compressor off of the PTO, to see if it's worth saving. Enjoy!
  13. TheUnknownCat

    Cub Cadet 149

    Thanks for the info, Big Mike. The front axle does move fore and aft, I'll squeeze it back up, thanks! I'm pretty sure that I'm looking at a problem with the drive shaft connection at the engine, can you tell me more about your fix?
  14. TheUnknownCat

    Cub Cadet 149

    I've been running this Cub a bit, ignoring the nasty vibe and the sloppy steering, and my impression after a few hours in the seat ...I wouldn't trade my C160 for one of these. It's a good machine, but it's a brute. It's work to run it, compared to my WH. The C160 is a pleasure to operate and seems more natural to me than the Cub. The Cub is gonna get what it needs to get right mechanically, and then I believe the box blade will get mounted and stay there, and I'll start hunting parts to build an FEL to put on it. It aint gonna be my "every day" tractor. The Cub has secured the C160's spot on my homestead.
  15. TheUnknownCat

    C-111 is Done

    Beautiful work. Enjoy it.