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  1. KyBlue

    Tragedy Struck

    Hey all, sorry for the lack of posting but things have been a bit ... well as Im sure you can guess, crazy. But here is where we stand currently ... The insurance company has settled with me, mostly. There are some issues in their estimate for things like removal of the old structure ... and replacing the foundation... but other than that I think we have it just about settled. Should be wrapping things up in the next 7-10 days .... then comes the tedious process of replacing everything and them issuing the checks to cover the difference between the Actual replacement cost, and the depreciated value they assigned all the possessions... I'm focusing on the warmer months, a new home, and the Big Show (I have a few things I want to bring home with me this year Hopefully!)
  2. KyBlue

    Tragedy Struck

    Thanks everybody I'll do my best to keep everybody updated
  3. KyBlue

    Tragedy Struck

    Thanks! Nothing like not having gifts to give my chosen family & Friends ... they all understood though. I think what I miss most...Cooking! haha
  4. KyBlue

    Tragedy Struck

    Thanks Craig!
  5. KyBlue

    Tragedy Struck

    I'll do my best. My vacation has been spent doing insurance forms (now done online - hard to do with no computer) and going through the house with friends. I have my chosen family ... they've all been here for me. From the day it happened till now ... Couldn't ask for more honestly.
  6. KyBlue

    Tragedy Struck

    Thanks! If they don't honor the policy as written (they claim my agent wrote it incorrectly) I'll seek legal counsel and representation in the matter. Yeah but you Don't know my family ... They have their reasons (in their mind) and I have mine (treatment of myself and mom over the last 35+ Years)
  7. KyBlue

    Tragedy Struck

    That's how I am trying to look at it ... the stuff in the house is just ... stuff. mostly. Some can't be replaced but ... the majority can. I've pulled some things that were special to me from the house, and intend to pull out more over the coming days/weeks to get everything that means something, out.
  8. KyBlue

    Tragedy Struck

    Thanks Karl - I'm happiest that my dog wasn't locked in the house like she is normally, we were going to clean the carpets the following day, so we'd been pretreating the spots, and I was putting her in the shop to keep from her getting into the chemicals ... guess it's luck eh?
  9. KyBlue

    Tragedy Struck

    Family - Told me I deserved the loss and that they were really pissed that I had lost irreplaceable family heirlooms (they don't know and didn't ask but they're in a fireproof box offsite) Neighbors are actually the ones who put the fire out - before the FD got there. Red Cross - I have insurance so I haven't used this resource, If I use it, I'm afraid it'll be less for someone who doesn't have insurance. No Church affiliation Insurance Company is dragging their feet on settling the claim as well. They have done Really good on some things, like the contents list, but when it comes to the actual dwelling, they are wanting to change from the policy as written ... we'll see when they tell me what their number's come out to be...
  10. Just wanted to take a minute and post up and fill everybody in (if anybody is interested) The morning of Dec 11th, there was a outlet that shorted out in my home. Because of the construction methods used in Modular homes, it spread, easily. I'm thankful that there were neighbors who caught it early but the damage is ... extreme. The house and everything in it, are a total loss. I did loose all of my WH collectable(s) as well as my manuals for everything that I've been picking up here and there over the years ... It's quite devastating to say the least ... I'm going to try and link pictures (I'm a bit rusty - too used to being on a tablet) The Kitchen & Dining Room What's Left of my CD's, DVD's, Blu-Ray Disc's as well as Partial entertainment Center (it was a 70 year old China Cabinet) My electronics from the living room, thrown out through the front wall Looking into the living room the Mess The back door, and the heat/Smoke/Soot Damage Blue
  11. KyBlue

    05-42MS05 Refurb

    Already have the housings - I needed two so I reached out to someone who I knew would have them... sadly now I'm waiting for two bearings I did find quite a few cracks in the Shell under the pullies. Ground them out a bit and welded them up. More pics when my bearings come in. 6203-RS1 if anybody needs the # (the 6203-2RS won't fit so beware)
  12. KyBlue

    05-42MS05 Refurb

    A bit of a update for you ... rust repair is done! however when I put the shell back together I noticed the blades were uneven (the cause of it cutting like poo) ... after scraping away the grass and debris around the spindles ... I found half missing spindles! Two of the four bolts were gone on one, and the other only only had three... Pics are coming
  13. KyBlue

    Deck Shell Repair

    Great job! Seems a lot of us are doing rust repair
  14. KyBlue

    Think spring

    Supposed to be mid 60s by the end of the week here... Rain of course but... It's better than snow Getting ready to fertilize in a few weeks