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  1. dandan111

    314 no start

    Hard start but it is running. Sea foam in tank now. I got it started on spray and it died a few times and struggled to life. I let it run about a hour. Fuel pump was leaking but seams to have fixed it self after running. I'll make sure and add some sea foam next year. My new Ztr has the horse out to stable anymore. thanks guys.
  2. dandan111

    314 no start

    WH sits in moms heated building. Hasn't been touched since last winter. I charged the battery and turned it over. Won't run. I pulled the plug, looks ok. Fires. Ran a second with spray. Changed the two fuses/ looked pretty old. Must not be getting fuel to the carb... any ideas? maybe it won't fire with the old gas? Is the fuel pump electric or mechanical? tractor is a clean original 14hp magnum
  3. dandan111

    After 5 Years Sitting.

    Real nice work
  4. dandan111

    After 5 Years Sitting.

    Ill take it!
  5. dandan111

    The new 633

    Real solid. Nice find.
  6. dandan111

    314-8 installing a light bar/ snow season

    No holes jelly. Not going to happen. Maybe rare earth magnet? I want the light to come off at the end of snow season.
  7. dandan111

    314-8 installing a light bar/ snow season

    I don't think it has a fuse. Haven't bought anything and maybe I should look for a smaller one. Hooking to the front head lights seemed easiest to me. Here is a smaller one. Hate to go to small as it won't even be worth the hassle.https://www.amazon.com/KAWELL®-K6-6218-Ultra-thin-Degree-Flood/dp/B00NTPSLZ4/ref=pd_sbs_263_5?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=2Y41Z3KR63VYYWA61G8T
  8. I was thinking about getting a small led light bar I could put on the hood with a magnet strip. I thought maybe I could use alligator clips and connect right to the head lights up front? thoughts? Maybe too much. https://www.amazon.com/ETHER-LED-Waterproof-Work-Light/dp/B01LZEGQAN/ref=sr_1_37?ie=UTF8&qid=1480174264&sr=8-37&keywords=magnetic+led+light+bar+small
  9. dandan111

    I love this ugly beast

    Wow that works pretty good.
  10. dandan111

    1967 or 1968 lawn skiff

    I seen a neat little Mott flail mower on Craig's list. Would be fun to pull behind that.
  11. dandan111

    Wheel horse snow blade

    Plowing sidewalks in town. Long runs. The way it's twisted looks like stress I guess. We don't get a lot of snow but what we get is usually wet and heavy anymore.
  12. dandan111

    Wheel horse snow blade

    Blades over at parents. No picture tonight.
  13. dandan111

    Wheel horse snow blade

    As far as reinforcement would you add another square tube?
  14. dandan111

    Wheel horse snow blade

    The square tube,But the whole blade is twisted.
  15. dandan111

    Wheel horse snow blade

    I could go that route but suspect it will bend as the one I have has.