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  1. snowhound

    417-A Steering trouble

    Thanks for all of your replies, I will check it out soon.
  2. snowhound

    417-A Steering trouble

    The steering gears are starting to jump is there any way to shim them? Ed
  3. snowhound

    Looking for a single stage snowblower

    I'm in the eastern end of Western Mass and have a couple that I would be willing to part with, they aren't pretty but functional. They will fit B (horizontal shaft engine), C, 3xx, 4xx, and I believe 5xx series tractors.
  4. snowhound

    Safety test lights

    414-8 with the key on but engine not running and the test light switch in the on position the clutch and seat lights come on, what is that telling me? Does it mean they are OK and the others are bad or are they bad and the others OK
  5. snowhound

    C-100 not charging

    I did ground the rectifier but it didn't help, changed the rectifier and problem solved. Thanks to everyone for the replies
  6. snowhound

    C-100 not charging

    Thanks for the reply, I thought that was the case but wanted to know for sure before I did anything.
  7. snowhound

    C-100 not charging

    My C100 isn't charging so tomorrow I'm going to check the AC out put from the stater. A previous owner cut off the molded connector that connects to the regulator/rectifier and put connectors on each wire. My question is do the 2 wires from the stater have specific posts on the regulator/rectifier. I know which connection is for the orange wire but want to know if it makes a difference which of the remaining 2 connections each wire form the stater are connected to. In other words does it matter which wire from the stater goes on which of the remaining connectors on the regulator/rectifier after the orange wire is connected?
  8. snowhound

    Onan 18 Oil Filter

    What oil filter does an Onan 18 take?
  9. snowhound

    518 starter relay?

    Thanks for the replies I tested the solenoid and it was bad, replaced the solenoid and it fired right up.
  10. snowhound

    518 starter relay?

    I've been told that my 518 starting issue could be a relay that is mounted near the battery. I have looked on the wiring schematic and can't find it does anyone have a part number for it?
  11. snowhound

    418-8 starter issue

    I have to confess the problem was me. I must have had a senior moment the sound I heard was the electric lift not the starter, I must have hit the lift switch when I got off the tractor and it didn't spring back to the off position so as soon as the key was turned to the run position the actuator started. Thanks for the information, I'll save it incase I have a real problem.
  12. snowhound

    418-8 starter issue

    My 418-8 ran out of gas and when I refilled and tried starting it the starter tried to engage as soon as the key was turned to the run position. I'm guessing it is a Ignition switch problem. Please comment. snowhound
  13. snowhound

    To Purchase or not to purchase?

    I picked up the machines today the 414 is running but needs a new gas shutoff and gas line, the 518 is getting a click from the solenoid but doesn't turn over, I'll get a better battery in it tomorrow. At first we couldn't move the 518, acted like the transmission was locked up but after some investigating found the drive belt was stock to the engine pulley. Now I just have to make the time to get both ready to use. Thanks to all for their input and concerns.
  14. snowhound

    To Purchase or not to purchase?

    He was originally asking $1500
  15. snowhound

    To Purchase or not to purchase?

    Thanks, I know it seems like a no brainer but I'll have to borrow a little from our emergency fund to make the deal. I will most likely sell of the snowblower and rototiller to get the borrowed amount back. Already have 2 tillers and snowblowers..