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  1. jimbotelho

    Two new horses for my stable. D180, C160

    tell you what, he may not be organized but I am willing to bet he knows exactly what he has and where it is a lot of us would be like a little kid in a candy store strolling thru his collection
  2. jimbotelho

    Welding question

  3. jimbotelho

    I gave up one of my babies

    russ like one of the great movies that clint eastwood made I believe he said" A MAN has to know his capabilities ' be careful russ we want you around for a very long time :thumbs .Have fun with it Big Jim :banghead:
  4. jimbotelho

    520 Onan Oil Filter Number ?

    Thanks very much duke!!! :thumbs2:
  5. jimbotelho

    520 Onan Oil Filter Number ?

    hi Guys, can you help me out too steve bos dad, I need the oil filter # for a 417a hydro filter thanks Big Jim filter is for the tranny /transaxle
  6. jimbotelho

    Sparky in deep

    all I can say is "oh boy" boys will be boys!!!!!
  7. jimbotelho

    Lawn Ranger H60 75117F

    chris still waiting for cap pics Big Jim jbotelho@charter.net is my email acct
  8. jimbotelho

    How I fit 355 horses in my new shed???

    nice job you can start by maybe selling the chevy to me???? nice car :thumbs2:
  9. jimbotelho

    c81 with snow blower

    thats what I figured .Thanks sparky :thumbs2:
  10. jimbotelho

    c81 with snow blower

    guys, I was thinking about installing my single stage blower on my c81 I now have it all set up on my 417h with a cab has anyone tried this? is nthe 8hp enough?? thanks b ig jim
  11. jimbotelho

    Winter's coming .... BRRRRR!

    I agree with most post replies but first as the duke said have it looked at for the proper calcuations also keep in mind hot water systems are good but the system should have glycol added in case of a power failure .My opinion if $ is not an issue invest in a small hot water boiler with a couple of hanging unit heaters and you will be good to go just my opinion Big Jim :thumbs2:
  12. jimbotelho

    Kent Ct show

    it was a nice time went back sat too It was nice to see the guys again my son jim and his son josh even showed up brennen will be driving his own machine soon (steves son) nice time !!! Big Jim
  13. jimbotelho

    For The War on Leaves!

    nice machine .I had the same set up but had a rear discharge 42in and it worked better than the side just my opinion! :thumbs2:
  14. jimbotelho

    Working the Horse's today

    nice herd! lots of hp there!
  15. jimbotelho

    Stacking the herd

    John good job on the sheving and the ramps are a great add on big Jim :thumbs2: