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  1. ol550

    416- 8 onan powered

    I'll vote dirty carburetor.
  2. ol550

    Seafoam. Your thoughts

    Maybe get this little guy to crawl in there and see what the problem is.
  3. ol550

    What model am I?

    Chopped 551
  4. ol550

    PTO Clutch Assembly Questions

    Best guess, sure looks like some engineer came up with a "fix" for the side load for the Briggs engine.
  5. ol550

    PTO Clutch Assembly Questions

    Doesn't need a puller, a couple of 1/4 X 20 bolts will push it out.. Looks like this.
  6. ol550

    PTO Clutch Assembly Questions

    Not to jump on you or others. The inner or smaller race of the bearing mounts to the pulley #1 leaving the outer race to spin freely. The outer race contacts the thrust plate #2 thus taking the load off the inside where the crank contacts the block.
  7. ol550

    PTO Clutch Assembly Questions

    Next thing you may want to check is the end play of your crankshaft. If the bearing went south the crankshaft most likely was forced against the housing inside and might be damaged. This end play could be corrected with the thrust bearing properly preloaded or may need to be corrected with a different block. Just my .
  8. ol550

    PTO Clutch Assembly Questions

    Don't know what shape the bearing is in, but I would consider taking this off.
  9. ol550

    Stupid fury rodents

    Had a problem with them getting under the house. Found a can of repellent at a local Ace Hardware. Consisted of fox urine scent. Now I'm dealing with foxes. Think lead will take care of them.
  10. ol550

    C-125 Fuel Tank

    You might just need to pull the valve out of the bottom of the tank to clear anything that may be blocking the valve. You will need a new bushing when reinstalling the valve.
  11. ol550

    The REAL Wheel Horse

    Close to what I have heard. Rather than closest to the driver closest to the brake.
  12. ol550

    Tractor Identification

    Your tractor is a 1968 Raider 12. The engine without the model tag will remain a mystery. Possibly changed at some point or a carry-over engine from 1967.
  13. Just look at the bearing and seal cross reference pinned at the top of this section. If you need part numbers just go to the manuals section.