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  1. ezeastside

    1077 99% complete

    I did back when I got the one that's on it. I will give him a shout again.
  2. ezeastside

    1077 99% complete

    @JPWH It is a two spoke wheel. Its larger in diameter with a bigger apron so the hood can open without hitting. @Mike'sHorseBarn below is a picture of the mod I made to get this running and driving and a picture of my 1277 (next project) with the correct wheel. I didn't feel like going through the process to remove it and chance damaging it knowing this tractor is up next I will take my time and have already started juicing it up. @Sarge Thanks and agree this style has a lot of character!!
  3. ezeastside

    1077 99% complete

    @Mike'sHorseBarn No its not correct. I was able to get this from AZ but I know from the start its not the correct one. I had to adapt with a bushing and raise the wheel about an inch to be able to open the hood! I will take a close up of the mod tonight.
  4. ezeastside

    1077 99% complete

    Thanks for all the positive feedback. It is my therapy on my down time to do these projects. I have a plow and a deck for this that needs restore as well. I still am looking for a 67 steering wheel if anybody has one to spare... Thanks!
  5. ezeastside

    Lets see the before and after pics!!

    Certainly a lot of talent and love for these machines out there!!!
  6. ezeastside

    1077 99% complete

    Hi all, Its taken 1 1/2 years to get to this point. Life happens and we can't spend the time we would like to work on our tractors. I bought this 1077 about 2 years ago and I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. I was lucky to buy a 1277 from a member here that helped the reassembly. That will be next! Again thanks to the great people of this group that has helped along the way to get me back on track when things screw up. Now if I could only come up with a 1967 steering wheel to finish it off. Here she is... Enjoy!!
  7. ezeastside

    It’s Motor Monday!!

  8. ezeastside

    What Horse, and how old

    520-H August 2009 and I was 44. It cost me $500. Came with a 60" deck and was an intermittent runner. That's when I came here and started to read old posts!! Still have it today, many have come since and some have left but not my first!! I would love to own a 420LSE or Super "C" Thank You Red Square!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. ezeastside

    Wheel horse 312 8 speed

    PM Sent
  10. ezeastside

    The Dynamic Duo

    @WHX19 I didn't scrap the brackets either.
  11. ezeastside

    The Dynamic Duo

    I acquired a 1077 that had those exact same brackets on the hood stand. Interesting theory @Shynon had about being for a cab.
  12. ezeastside

    Bearing Help needed

    Thank you for all the suggestions. Although the parts breakdown for the pulley says it is part # 1623, the pulley itself has 4974 stamped on it. I don't have a micrometer only a inexpensive set of calipers. I still think the bearing is as I mentioned .375 ID and 1.375 OD I have searched over the web in several places and even went to Napa and another local auto parts store with no luck. Still as suggested by rideaway I could try EB Atmus. I am hoping to keep the cast pulley for originality but I see I have the option from Wheelhorsman. I have some time yet to procure as the deck is next after the restore of the tractor is finished. Hopefully I will post a full resto soon.
  13. ezeastside

    Bearing Help needed

    I am having trouble finding the bearing for the machine mounted deck pulley on my 1077. The parts breakdown only shows the part # of the whole pulley (1623) but its a cast pulley and the bearing pressed out easy. From what I can tell the bearing should be .375" x 1.375". I found the new replacement pulley on line for $54 ouch!! Any direction would be appreciated!! ED
  14. ezeastside

    Tractor lift

    I have one I bought new on sale. It certainly makes life easier. It is a little narrow, but some guys have modified it for their use. I use it for everything now!!