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  1. DoctorHfuhruhurr

    Brought home 2 more, a 520H and a 312H.

    Nice bargain haul. It would consider that a deal even at twice what you paid for it.
  2. It smokes like a tractor and the diesel sounds like a tractor but it's a car. 1981 Mercedes 300SD Turbo. 0-60 in under 5 minutes!!!! The highest priority is fixing the heating system which is stuck on. It can be a bit of a roaster on a 95 degree day. It's a bit slow but once it warms up the turbo brings some power to the old diesel. It has 136k miles, but that's not much for these engines from what I've read. It's not worth much, but it was given to me and will be fun to waste some money on. It's hard to refuse free stuff. It's been garaged most of the time, so there's no real sun damage inside. It drives really well at higher speeds on highways.
  3. DoctorHfuhruhurr

    2003 315-8 with bagger

    300 hrs. Going to zero turn. Geesh, that's barely even broken in. Very nice score.
  4. DoctorHfuhruhurr


    Does it run? If so, I'd fire it up and barbeque those in and around the engine.
  5. DoctorHfuhruhurr

    2003 315-8 with bagger

    Very nice indeed. Do you know how many hours are on it? (if it has that meter) Do you know why he sold it? Just curious.
  6. DoctorHfuhruhurr

    Off-brand diesel engine question

    That's actually a decent price. That's close to the price I was seeing 5 years ago on 10 hp diesels from China where as some resellers have gone up to $800. If you search on "diesel" you'll find plenty of conversion project posts.
  7. DoctorHfuhruhurr

    Mowed with the beast today!

    I recently got some from Summit Racing. They were the cheapest I could find at the time. I suggest finding the manufacturers part number when you decide on the tire type you want and search on that. That will help narrow the field since prices are always in a state of flux. Always check the shipping costs. Many sites like to bait you with a low price only to pad the shipping costs upon checkout. That's my minus 2 cents.
  8. DoctorHfuhruhurr

    Front tires on 416

    great price find
  9. DoctorHfuhruhurr

    Embarrassing question

    The various attachments aren't always as easy to swap out as the documentation and sales brochures made them out to be (especially when it comes to their weight). You may eventually come around to a common philosophy of just getting one tractor for each attachment and leave them on.
  10. DoctorHfuhruhurr

    My 520H has gone hunting - needs some help

    This site may help you locate some ethanol free gas locally and of course there's a related phone app. http://www.pure-gas.org/index.jsp?stateprov=PA
  11. DoctorHfuhruhurr

    Picked up our C-85 today.

    I'm partial to the older Sears also (in addition to wheel horses). 5 years or so ago I picked up a 10hp Sears Suburban in good shape with a sickle attachment for I think $250. It won't take much to get it up and running but I haven't gotten around to it yet. It even came with 5 or 6 extra sickle blades.
  12. DoctorHfuhruhurr

    Givin it the old Heave Ho

    You may be able to get a "before pic" from Google earth, Google maps or Microsoft Maps. Microsoft seems to have some good birds eye views compared to others.
  13. DoctorHfuhruhurr

    Russian Wheel Horse

    That's not that bad for a 4000+ mile trip. I hope it serves you well.
  14. DoctorHfuhruhurr

    Russian Wheel Horse

    May I ask what you paid to have it shipped to you? I would imagine that would be fairly pricey(but worth it). Welcome!
  15. DoctorHfuhruhurr

    JBJr-WHC-2 Wheelhorse