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  1. You Marines out there, you remember from the day you stood on those yellow footprints. You were told this is now your Birthday. So here’s to you and are Corps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SEMPER FI Ooo Rha
  2. MalMac

    Oil in the Onan Muffler

    Are you sure you got a Onan there. If it’s a 14hp in a Wheel Horse it’s a Kohler. I ageee with the rest if your getting that much oil. Also could be a crank vent. When the crankcase builds up pressure it has to relieve it self somewhere. With a Kohler it can come from anywhere.
  3. MalMac

    Tall Chute Snowblower

    Changed Price to 290.00 Changed Status to Closed
  4. MalMac

    Tall Chute Snowblower

    Changed Price to 260.00
  5. MalMac

    Tall Chute Snowblower

    Tall chute single stage in real good condition. Has pneumatic wheels in place of skids. I still have the skids to go with it. Also electronic actuator on the snow deflector, lift tube,flag and assist spring all there .Asking 250.00 Cash sales only, no trades, must pick up. Got any questions, give me a PM and I’ll try and answer them.
  6. MalMac

    520H Snowblower lift tube

    If I remember right. The lift tube with a slight bend in it is recommended for the the 520 with the swept front axel. Think it was a clearance thing when lifting.
  7. MalMac

    2 stage snowblower question

    It will, but it was designed for the 520’s. A lot depends on the type of snow. Wet vs powdery. Also speed at which you travel.
  8. MalMac

    Sickle Bar

    Skipper I sent you one back.
  9. MalMac

    Sickle Bar

    I bought this bar along time ago. Never used it. I sold it because I was tired of tripping over it. The RS member I sold it to did a meticulous job of restoring it. He decided to sell it and I purchased it back. Still never used it and still tripping over it. This bar has been restored totally. New everything, bearings, knives, etc, etc. The knives have even been plated . Some Stainless hardware was even used. This is one show piece of a Sickle Bar. You would be very pressed to find another one in this shape. The tractor is for display only. It DOES NOT COME WITH IT. It’s not even mine. Cash sales only, No Trades. Will not ship. if interested send me a PM.
  10. Happy B-Day Terry🍻 Hope you have a enjoyable day.
  11. MalMac

    Happy Birthday Stevasaurus

    Happy Birthday Steve, enjoy your day.🍻🎂
  12. MalMac

    Happy Birthday Tim!!

    Thank you everyone
  13. MalMac

    Removing PTO clutch

    The question needs to asked, what are you wanting to do as to how you want to disassemble it.
  14. If I am not mistaken, Eaton bought Cessna. Try a Eaton dealer.
  15. MalMac

    How to use a Tiller?

    I don’t disagree with using wheel weights. I myself have never used them or needed them. So the way I look at this is ........ I must need to go on a diet.