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  1. dcrage

    I don't like dentists

    Sedation is the only way I can have dental procedures done. My dentist is quite happy to proscribe 2 mg of Xanex for me to take prior to the procedure. He says it is easier for him to have me sedated versus ‘jumping’ out of the chair with every time he does anything.
  2. dcrage

    Heart Valves

    I have a lot of experience in this area. Mitral valve and arotic valves relplaced in 1998 at the ‘young’ age of 46. I am currently reading RS for the first time since having my aortic stem (the first 2-3 inches of my aorta as it comes out of my heart) replaced/repaired (a big aneurysm). Because of my age when my valves were replaced mine are artificial and I am permanently on warfarin. Tissue valves 20 years ago were expected to last 10 years and repeat surgeries are more complicated. As indicated above there seem to be a lot more valve repairs done now without splitting open your chest. And I get the impression that tissue valves have longer life spans and I KNOW warfarin is not a drug of choice. I have had good luck on this stuff (easily controlled levels). Having said that I damn near bled to death two years ago. In both of my procedures I was in ‘wait and see’ mode for several years. But the phone call saying it is time to do this IS a big life changer. Finding the “correct” person to do the surgery can be difficult. I can say with my most recent procedure I was ENCOURAGED by the surgeons to get multiple opinions. Feel free to PM me with any questions. I tell you what I know/experienced.
  3. dcrage

    I Just Had to Have One

    Terry That dealer tag is for a closed hardware store in south St Louis county. I contemplated buying a used Cub from them back in 1990 when I purchased my 310-8.
  4. dcrage


    I would like to be part of this contest. Nice cup!
  5. dcrage

    How Do You Sharpen Your Blades?

    I with Pacer on this. I use small angle grinder with 36 grit. I also don’t worry about balancing. I do make sure to make approx the same # of passes on each end. Have not noticed any change in deck performance or vibrations. I do hit rocks and sticks. There are nicks in the blades. I do NOT remove them each time I sharpen. For $80 I would take a chance on that sharpener. It can’t hurt.
  6. dcrage

    417a info needed

    A usual watch out is checking the strength of the transmission. If allowed see if you can make the tires spin when the fromt wheels are stopped against an immovable object.
  7. dcrage

    SW MO 420 LSE

    Ad is no longer there. Hopefully someone got a dream Wheel Horse.
  8. dcrage

    SW MO 420 LSE

    I think it was $3500. I was looking at pictures, not paying attention to $s.
  9. dcrage

    New Member, Retiring my C-195

    One of the members here has a C-195 with 3 pt and rear PTO with 60” deck for sale locally for $1800. Don’t know what he will get in the end but you would think that must be pretty reasonable. He sells a lot of good tractors.
  10. dcrage

    SW MO 420 LSE

    This has been listed on CL all summer. They want a lot of money; but it is a 420-LSE. Sorry can’t get this pic to stick.
  11. dcrage

    Rear tires ???

    Careful hitting on your wheels. Most of the WH rear axle assemblies discussed on here are held in the “transmission” with clips that will come off with hammering. Then the rearend must be opened to repair.
  12. dcrage

    Name change

    Seems like there have been stringent warnings posted here about putting anything on these plugs that could end up in the hydro mechanism. I think thread sealant was supposed to be really bad. Am I wrong on this??
  13. dcrage

    C-81 cutting issues

    You will need to get a new belt. The current belt has been stretched and this has been compensated by adjusting the trunion.
  14. dcrage

    Last Year for Hydrostatic

    For that time frame I think there are more 520-Hs out there than other automatic WHs. Just from reading these forums I get the feeling there are more 520s than any other 300-400-500 series tractors. I assume that is a factor of 20+ years of people selectively saving the top end WH from that era.
  15. dcrage

    36in deck on a 310-8

    Do you have 8” front wheels? The 37” SD deck was designed for use with 6” front wheels to alleviate the kind of issues you are having.