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  1. sscotsman

    Engine stalls when warm.

    Woo hoo! Its fixed! I just ran it 45 minutes, no stalling! The culprit was either the spark plug, or the fuel filter, im not sure which, because I replaced them at the same time, then did the test run. It seems more likely it was the spark plug though, since it was old, and the wrong type! See post #14 for the spark plug numbers. I installed the correct Champion spark plug 868 RJ19LM. I went out today to Lowes looking for a new fuel filter and fuel line. They had the filter, but no fuel tubing. So then I also tried a nearby Walmart and Tractor supply..no tubing! and the OPE shops are closed on Sundays, so I installed the new filter with the old tubing. First pic below is the "bad" filter I did have..bad position, and possibly meant for tractors with a fuel pump: (Although I think that filter was probably fine, other than location..I have been using the same type on my 1964 WH 854 for years with no issues) The new filter, which specifically says "for engines without a fuel pump" : New filter in place under the gas tank: And the new configuration above the muffler : After those two updates, spark plug and filter, stalling when hot is fixed! Thanks for the help everyone, much appreciated! Scot
  2. sscotsman

    Engine stalls when warm.

    At first, no, not at all.. Toro put the carb right next to the muffler, and they put the fuel line right on top of the muffler..and the fuel filter I replaced was already in that spot, (I bought it with a filter already there, I just replaced it with a new one) and its a spot easy to access. At first glace, for someone not fully educated in engine troubleshooting, it seems a very logical and natural spot for the fuel filter. I had no reason to suspect that wasnt the correct location.. except! for the heat from the muffler! Which I didnt consider could a potential issue until now..where is the fuel filter supposed to go then? Probably under the gas tank? In retrospect, I can now see how it "seems wrong" but that wasnt immediately obvious to me..with little experience, I had no reason to suspect it was wrong. But its a good thing to know! Thanks for the tip..I'll move it! And just replace the entire fuel line while im at it.. Thanks, Scot
  3. sscotsman

    Engine stalls when warm.

    Thanks R.L., Hopefully it wont need to go that far! because I have no clue how to do that..I have never actually seen a valve in person, much less checked its clearance! But I will learn how to do that if I need to.. Today im going to try two more things: 1. Replace the spark plug..then run it and see if it still stalls when hot. If yes: 2. Disassable and clean the carb. I was doing more internet reading on this issue last night, and came across two more potential causes..I found an old forum post on another forum, discussing stalling when hot, where someone said the fuel line shouldnt be too close to the engine..but no more details. And, I found out there are potentially two types of fuel filters for riding mowers and garden tractors, one fuel filter type for machines with a fuel pump, and a different filter for machines without a fuel pump. my Toro does not have a fuel pump, its gravity fed..im using this filter: And, its right on top of the muffler! Could either of those, filter style or filter/gas line placement, be a factor in my stalling issue? Thanks, Scot
  4. sscotsman

    Engine stalls when warm.

    I tried that..gas cap. I forgot to add it to the list! ill edit my post. So the CJ8Y is the wrong spark plug! Interesting.. I'll install the new one then.. could the wrong plug cause the stalling issue? Or wouldnt that matter? Thanks, Scot
  5. sscotsman

    Engine stalls when warm.

    I got the new coil! (It took 10 days to arrive from Amazon) Genuine Briggs coil. Got it installed, wasnt hard! Used a business card to set the gap. Fired it up! Started great..ran great! For 15 minutes..then stalled out again, same as before. so it seems the coil isnt the culprit afterall. I was planning to change the sparkplug, but didnt, because: I got the Toro spark plug number from a manual posted in this thread, Toro part number 293918 I took that number to a local OPE Toro dealer, the guy looked it up and gave me: Champion spark plug 868 RJ19LM. which I just assumed was correct. Just now, after I replaced the coil, I went to replace the spark plug, and the spark plug in the machine is not the same as the new one! The one in the machine is a: CJ8Y Noticabely smaller than the new one i bought. Not knowing which one was correct, I didnt replace it with the new one, and put back the old CJ8Y. Thats the one it came with when I bought it, and its the one installed when the engine is having the stalling problem. Could the CJ8Y be the wrong plug? And if so, could it cause the stalling issue? This might be a clue, but if it is, I dont know how to read it! When it stalled out just now, after the new coil was installed, I tried to re-start it seconds later..the engine would only start with the choke in the "cold start, full choke" position. It wouldnt start in the "warm start" position. When it did start in the "cold start" position, the engine would run for about 5 seconds only, surge heavily during those 5 seconds, then stall...it wasnt surging at all when it was running normally during the 15 minutes before stalling...does that mean anything to anyone? Things tried: New fuel filter installed. Fresh gas. New coil installed. Tried re-starting with gas cap off: no difference. Air filter is not new, but fairly clean. (I tried to buy a new air filter at the Toro dealer, but they didnt have one in stock.) Things not tried: Possibly wrong spark plug? Carb not yet messed with, not disassembled or cleaned. Machine runs great for 15 minutes, then stalls. Wont start again while hot. Requires a 30 min cool down, will then start again, run normally again for 10 minutes or so, then stall again when hot.. Suggestions for what to try next? Thanks, Scot
  6. sscotsman

    Engine stalls when warm.

    Thanks guys! Seems very likely its the coil. Im going to order a new one..I have never replaced one before, but it looks like an easy job.. I'll let you know how it goes! (thanks for the manuals Garry!) Scot
  7. sscotsman

    Engine stalls when warm.

    Hey everyone, I recently posted about my new (to me) Toro RER It's a Toro 832 RER, model 56145. Based on the serial series, 700xxxx, I determined its a 1987 model. Im using it for leaf pickup. Its stalling when warm, after about 10 minutes of use. It stalls, then simply will not start again until it sits for 20 minutes or so and cools down..then it starts again, runs 5 or 10 more minutes, and stalls again. After it stalled, I tried re-starting with the gas cap off..nope. so I dont think its the gas cap. Gas is fresh, I installed a new fuel filter. I have not changed the spark plug. I have not done anything with the air filter. When it runs, it runs great! Engine is smooth and strong, mows fine. It just stalls when hot, then re-starts only after a cool down. Sounds like the coil? I have never replaced a coil before, but im willing to try it. Anything else I can try before I order a coil? Engine is the original 1987 8HP Briggs, I cant find a tag on the engine itself, and the Toro manual does not give the engine model, but some googling: http://www.tractordata.com/lawn-tractors/002/3/8/2385-toro-8-32.html says it should be a Briggs model 191707. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Scot
  8. Glenn, No, the 854 isnt done..but its also done! when I bought it from Buckrancher almost 7 years ago, I was intending to do a full restore on it..but, its been such a good and reliable machine, and its been my primary mower, so I need it all spring/summer/fall, so I cant take it out of service to do a restoration! But im totally fine with that, I now think I like it better in its natural unrestored state.. it's still in active service at age 53, with no plans to retire. So im just going to leave it alone and keep using it. Photo from today! I cleared a spot for the new Toro: Dave, that could work, double passes..I could go out with the 854 first then follow up with the Toro. I'll probably try that this year, see how it works. I would still like to consider a different blade for the Toro though too, if anyone has any suggestions. thanks, scot
  9. Thanks everyone! Squonk, cool idea on the flowtron! but I got the Toro to avoid raking leave all together! I went to the emergency room last October after raking leaves..turns out I was fine, but still..Im done raking leaves for life. We have a LOT of leaves in our yard, and our town doesnt pick them up. There are too many to just mow over and leave on the grass, I would have spots where mowed leaves are 8 inches thick and would smother the grass. So they need to be removed, but I dont want to rake them anymore.. 953 Nut, I considered a sweeper! that is an option, but a sweeper narrow enough to get through my gates I didnt think would hold much.. Eric, dry leaves! good thought..but the leaves were pretty dry already on my test run..It was the end of our 5 days of 90 degrees and no rain..the leaves were pretty crunchy already. Sarge, double blades? I never knew that could be done, I have only seen mowers with an attachment for one blade. I'll tip up the Toro and see what it looks like under there.. Are there blades specifically designed for leaf pickup, as opposed to grass? thanks all, Scot
  10. Hey everyone, I bought a new toy! It's a Toro 832 RER, model 56145. Based on the serial series, 700xxxx, I determined its a 1987 model. I bought this for one primary purpose..Autumn leaf pickup. Im still using my 1964 Wheel Horse 854 as my primary summer mower, but it doesnt have an available bagger, so I needed a 2nd machine for leaf pickup. I bought the Toro a few days ago, its running fine! needed a carb clean, and it might need a coil..its stalling when hot. If it needs a coil, I'll create a new thread about that. But as for the leaf pickup, it works! I have the deck set high, because I want to get only leaves, and not grass..but it doesnt really chop up the leaves much. The leaves in the bagger are still fairly complete, chopped into roughly halves or thirds..I would like to get finer chopping if possible. (im collecting the leaves in a big compost pile, to use as garden soil ammendemnet for next year..) Does anyone have suggestings for something like a gator blade or a mulching blade that might give me finer leaf mulching? my main goal is leaves only, collected in the bagger, not grass. thanks! Scot p.s., is there any Wheel Horse DNA in this Toro?
  11. sscotsman

    Wanted, 1970's B or C tractor, and leaf vacuum, Western NY

    thanks Guys! unfortunately all of those are too far away. I'm running a 1999 Chevy S10 pickup..its now so elderly that 2 hours one-way is about all i'm comfortable doing. Roughly this range: thanks, Scot
  12. sscotsman

    Oil drain tube for Kohler K181S

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! much appreciated.. I'll probably make a trip to Home Depot this weekend to take a look at various piping and cap bits, see if anything stands out, now that I know what thread size I need.. I also like the: http://ezoildrainvalve.com/ idea..that looks good! I'll update this thread when I have something in place.. thanks! Scot
  13. sscotsman

    Oil drain tube for Kohler K181S

    The video is the message! thanks, Scot
  14. Hey everyone, i started a thread a few months back about lawn/leaf vacuums: And now i'm on the search for the tractor! I still have my 1964 model 854, purchased from fellow Red Square member "Buckrancher" back in 2011: Love it! She's a classic, still my main summer mower and dump-cart puller..a great basic workhorse. But now im thinking of tractor #2.. I would really like a 1970's model B or C hydro, this style: photo by "Duke", from: http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/gallery/category/17-1973-1977/?page=5 But, important feature needed for Autumn cleanup..I need a leaf vacuum too. I already have the dump cart, photo above, and I could build my own leaf bin on top of the dump cart, so all I need is: 1. The tractor. 2. Mowing deck that can take a vacuum attachment. 3. the vacuum attachment. If I could find all of it together, that would be great! but realistically, I will probably find them separately, which is fine too.. I would prefer a B or C hydro, (just because I have never owned a hydro, and it would be nice to have one) but i'm not totally opposed to an 8-speed. This tractor would only be used for mowing, autumn leaf cleanup, and maybe eventually some snowblowing or snow plowing..but the tractor and leaf vacuum is the main goal for now. I'm in Rochester NY, I have a pickup truck, and can travel to the Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse areas, most of Western NY and the Western Finger Lakes. thanks! Scot
  15. sscotsman

    Ebay search suggestions?

    Hey everyone, im going to be looking for my 2nd Wheel Horse tractor this year! (I'll make a new "wanted" post soon here in RS..thats how I found my first one!) but this question is about ebay searching. I look on local Craigslist a lot, and I also like to do "followed" searches in ebay, so that ebay automatically emails me when something comes up that fits the search. Setting the "local" part isnt a problem..the problem is, if I do a search for: Wheel Horse Tractor Then set the "within 100 miles of my zip code", I do get local results, but I get this: 64 results..not one of them is an actual tractor..its all parts. And if I did a followed search on that, Ebay would email me virtually every day, whenever a new part is listed, and that is useless to me. Anyone know how I could only get actual tractors to come up? Quotes wont work, like "Wheel horse" tractor Or "Wheel horse tractor" Because those will still bring up a ton of parts.. I need something else, but I dont know what..has anyone ever found a method? Thanks, Scot