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  1. Ian great job as always. PS. You do know your a youtube movie star now with 38,000+ hits.
  2. Ian whats next full supension roll cage ? I have a felling this project is far from completion and will give me many more great hours of watching your video. Keep up the great work it's never boring and gives me the push I need for my projects
  3. faster

    551 Restoration

    Great job, Funny that when you get it looking the best its been since new that you fine little things that could be better that no one would ever notice but you. When I did my 654 I got so insane I was looking for 2 original bolts that I was missing just plain sick. So once again great job and I bit you can find some tire from someone on here.
  4. faster

    under deck paint

    Heres something that might work from tractor supply. It called EZ-Slide graphite-based coating ( dry film lubricant friction reducing paint). They say its good for mower under decks, tools, garden equipment, garage door tracks, rail switches, car transporters, snow plow blades, conveyers &augers, gravity boxes, hoppers, harvest heads. I bought a can just to try it sprayed it on a piece of scrap metal it looks and dries like paint and is very slick after its dry. Have a look.
  5. faster

    Wet blasting

    Duff, I just looked at the bottle and it has nothing on it about shelf life and the gal I have is about 5 years old and still works great. And lggy68 no dust at all and thats a good thing for the lungs. I have a couple of wheels that need blasted and will try to take picture before and after and give the time and pounds of sand used and post here soon.
  6. faster

    Wet blasting

    This maybe old news but I have to say it works and works great. I've blasted many things with all kinds of blasters I have a cabinet blaster a pot blaster and there all hard on my 5hp 60gal compressor to the point it runs none stop. After checking out Ytube and looking at wet blasting I had to have one. Northern Tool $60.00 for the blasting kit and bought a used pressure washer for $225.00 2800pis @ 3gpm this setup works great and my compressure loves it. I tried it with play sand $4.00 a bag 50# had to sift it and blasted a very rusty junk VW wheel and it cleaned it right up 100# sand but very heavy pitted rust.After blasting and drying with the leaf blower it will flash rust yellow in color but I just wiped it down with some Ospho metal pre and ready to paint the next day. Also I`m now buying find dry clean blasting sand for $5.99 #100 bags thats ready to go no sifting. Here some picture of my setup and the video I found on Ytube CHECHOUT THE VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. PS. I`ll take some before and after pictures the next time. And the video that got it all started. http://www.google.co...K8o1X8aW6EXPwPA
  7. Thats one nice looking shop and the tools also.
  8. Thats looking great keep the pictures coming.
  9. Thankyou all Zeek I get most of my work time on weekends but I did have almost two weeks off at Xmas so that really got things rolling. As far as my pot blaster its one I made years ago about the same as HF and I run aluminum oxide 80 grit ( free from work) for the most part but have use everything from play sand , black diamond to soda blast. One thing and I`m not sure how the HF pot blaster is made but if you put a valve in the line going to the bottom you can choke off the out going pressure and add pressure to the tank. This helps push the grit into the bottom hose but its all touch and go with these blasters at work we also have air vibrators mounted to the blaster which helps. PS haven't mounted the 654 decal yet I think I'm going to repaint that panel. The reason why is I rubbed that panel out looks great but now I'm not sure I want to rub out the hole tractor it looks good the way it is.
  10. New pictures of the 654.
  11. Jake, It's finished other then the wiring ignition switch bearings for the deck and the decals which have been order. The hardest part was all the cleaning and paint for sure but in the end it sure looks good. Horsefixer, I'll look into that gun the one that came with the blaster is pretty sorry and it eats up nozzles real fast. Thanks guys Rob.
  12. Before and after I think the red looks much better.
  13. Well finished up alittle more on my week off. Hood is on with painted letters ( very hard almost as bad as sewing ) deck is paint will need new needle bearings Torrington b 1212 found some for $6.75 ea. here Atlanta. So if all goes well decals bearings and some wiring it with be ready to work and mom in 2012. Heres some new pictures
  14. It was cold today but sprayed alittle red on a few parts not much left now. Sprayed the hood a few small parts and got the bottom of the deck with the paint that was left. Now the hood deck and small parts still wet are drying in the basement all look great just need the decals now. Still wet paint.