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  1. I've had both tools. Used them many times. I drive down the road now and leave tires to the shop that likes to play with those rubber menaces.
  2. squonk


    looks like I didn't use any of my luck up so it's on to the powerball!
  3. squonk

    Looking for stuff

    It wasn't me!
  4. squonk

    Decal removal?

    Pinstripe decal eraser wheel on a drill
  5. Looks like a long frame (which will fit) with an older blade (by the decal) which won't matter.
  6. squonk

    1976 D-250 cap and rotor help

    @Bravehart450 look at this link and see if these look like yours. I cannot match this cap pictured. Closest rotor I can come up with are EP 172 and EP174
  7. squonk

    Gutbrod 2500 to WH d250 conversion

    I do not need these but other guys do. Finding an MTD dealer who could even look something up over here or would even want to bother for a Gutbrod would be like winning a million dollar lottery 5 weeks in a row!
  8. squonk

    Gutbrod 2500 to WH d250 conversion

    Thanks. I'm going to go through my Napa electrical book to see If I can match them.
  9. squonk

    Gutbrod 2500 to WH d250 conversion

    Thanks for the rotor pic. do you have a pic of the inside of the cap too?
  10. squonk

    Think it will work?

    Wet snow sticks in the bucket unless you job the bucket and arms . Just want to push the piles. The curve of the blade will roll the snow forward without piling over the back of the bucket. If the piles get high I can raise the plow and angle it and move the tops back. I saw a similar set up on a Bobcat Turf Cat last winter. They were moving good of snow piles. Yes the blade comes on and off in seconds.
  11. squonk

    Think it will work?

    Yeah, I expect snow to get in the bucket some but that's not a big deal.
  12. squonk

    Think it will work?

    We get heavy wet snow more often than not. I have a small driveway with not a lot of room to put snow. I've been moving piles back with Elvis but it gets to be a pain when half the snow stays in the bucket and you have to jog the loader. I had an extra 42" WH blade so I made up a Prototype. Comes on and off with pins. Bungee is temporary until I can come up with something better.
  13. squonk

    Clutch Pedal "Bounce"

    https://www.liftsupportsdepot.com/featured-products/ Napa also can get many sizes. Take the old one off get the closed and extended length. Possibly the pressure rating will be on it. And show them the mounting style.