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  1. DMESS

    Pickup Truck Tire Question

    Wayne, that tire sounds like a great choice and really looks sharp on your truck. I hadn't looked around in awhile and I was pleased to see they have it in the goofy 20" size that's on my 350. Last I checked it was Wranglers again or $300 a piece All Terrain TA's. Overall the factory Wranglers are okay as long as you don't mind throwing in the front axle way too often, LOL. I really like the look of that tire and will be anxious to see more Tire Rack reviews on it. I swear by TR and buy tires through them whenever I need em. Put Dunlops on the wife's Mazda last winter and have been pleased with those so far. Lots of Tire Rack research there and it didn't steer me wrong. Seeing that Dunlop almost makes me wish I needed tires on the truck, LMAO. Oh, 5,000 mile oil changes on my 6.0. The oil driven injectors shear the oil viscosity down over time and the most common answer I found throughout the Power Stroke forums was that 7,500 is just a bit to much for the 6.0. Opinions, however, are like well, you know....your mileage may vary, LOL. B)
  2. DMESS

    My new Black Hood

    Once you go black you never go back! LOL. Nice rig Sparky.....that's PeeYaa tractor you know. Makes it more valuable!.
  3. DMESS


    Good job. :thumbs:
  4. DMESS

    Question on hubcaps

    The modern style embossed hub caps that are most commonly seen were introduced in 1988. They replaced the smooth moon style that were used in 1985-'86. There are two variations of these.....ones with silver painted accents and ones without. They were replaced with the God awful plastic versions in 1996 and 1997, gold logo and silver logo respectively. The chrome caps were still available but were not "factory installed" on any models after 1995.
  5. DMESS

    Grandsons 702

    I see now that your 702 had the headlight kit on it at one time. There weren't any lights on it when you brought it home were there?
  6. DMESS

    520H and 520HC

    520-HC topic
  7. DMESS

    417-8 speed questions

    It's funny..I remember that tractor being on ebay awhile back. Something about a 400 series with a C-195 deck on it sticks out in your mind, LOL. Looks like it is in pretty decent shape. Keep that KT full of oil and mind it closely. The series II and Magnums were just as capable as the Series I at turning their sweet sounds into block ventilation, LOL. The 417-8 and 418-8 are two of my favorite Maroon Stripes. Neat having the 8 speed/power lift combination.
  8. DMESS

    What round hood WH is this?

    It's a 400 and potentially an early one based on that belt guard. Anyone take notice to the fact that it ISN'T like the usual '60-'61 guard? This is the odd ball guard that is sort of in between the RJ style and typical Suburban style. Is there a snow plow with it? The pedal is there and the lift arm is as well. IMO, that tractor is in fantastic condition and damn near worth leaving as is. Buy it or send it my way, LOL.
  9. DMESS

    418 C

    I'm not 100% sure about the full array of variations this particular engine spec number included, but I can't imagine it's anything more than the absence of the chrome muffler and air cleaner. IMO internal specs should be the same as any other WH using the M18. The 418-C was marketed at the "commercial" buyer and was simply a stripped down 418-A without the fancy chrome and indicator lights. In place of the fluff the tractor was equipped with the HD spindles, 10.5" rear rubber and armrest seat. Strangely the ground speeds are listed to be the same as the standard 418-A, but anyone I've talked to that has had experience with one of these seems to agree they are a fair amount quicker than most of the 1100 equipped WH tractors. I'd wager mine (thanks Steve) is as quick in reverse as it is forward. FYI, approx. 535 of these were produced. Certainly a bit more on the less common side.
  10. DMESS

    702 for my little girl

    Somewhere I've seen a Horse (Lawn Ranger I think) where the owner exchanged the red for pink and left the Linen Beige in all the usual places. I thought it looked very tasteful this way since the pink and "white" go together quite well. (think 50's two tone automobiles) I'd go as far as to replace the red in the hood and dash decals with matching pink and also maybe get a pink and beige seat cover stitched up for the finishing touch. This would make an attractive "girls" machine IMO. :scratchead:
  11. DMESS

    1987 Kohler 18hp Magnum

    The online manual was going to be my suggestion. Air cleaner setups varied with application and spec number.
  12. DMESS

    418-A decision!!!!???????

    See my comments in your other post.
  13. DMESS

    1987 Kohler 18hp Magnum

    This will sound crazy, (try me) but depending on where and just how big the window in the block is it may be able to be repaired. Generally when the aluminum KT/Magnum twin blocks get a skylight in them it is on the face of the block across from the opposing rod. A thrown rod is usually the culprit so I'd be suspicious of the engine in question and take a good look around inside for shrapnel. You'd be surprised at how these things can still run with excess rod debris inside them. (I can show you a KT 19 that should NEVER have ran given the state it was in. ) A competent welder can repair these blocks if the hole is clear of any internal webbing/structural bracing. The critical part is making sure you corrected the reason it vented itself in the first place. There are plenty of engines that will bolt in place of the M18, but in a state of proper health these can be strong, smooth running power plants. I'd grab a Kohler service manual, tear it apart and investigate things before I chose to part it or re power it. :hide:
  14. DMESS

    Rear Cargo Rack

    Kids, part #7 & #8 appear to be the identical brackets that are used to mount the 1989 and up Easy Twin bagger. Interesting to note that the aux. gas tank used the same type of quick release method. Actually, it doesn't surprise me....this IS Wheel Horse we're talking about. When the bagger is removed you are left with two sturdy posts that could easily be utilized to attach a cargo tray or carrier and it could be quickly removed via this attachment method. ( at least on the 1989 and up versions)
  15. DMESS

    New addition home in PA

    Well, it's kinda sketchy, but from what I'm told intentions were good to continue producing a C-195 style tractor for several more years. Lackluster C-195 sales killed the idea, but a few "test mules" were apparently conceived to hash out styling/engineering ideas for possible integration into the high end of the 500 series lineup. It is understood that WH had a habit of selling these prototypes/test mules off as "USED" equipment to employees or other buyers who would accept them without any type of warranty at a reduced price. This tractor wasn't real far from South Bend so anything is possible. I'll assume the pulleys/attaching hardware would be the same as a C-195 so it looks like it would have been setup with a 60" deck.