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  1. exp2ex

    Ignition Question

    Uhhhhhhh. Got another one 3 days ago. 66 656 from Bethlehem PA. Found it online and made the fellow a offer. Really bought it as a spare 12hp for the 121 just in case I ever need one. Came with cutting deck in very good condition, and a snow plow that looked like never used. Even has wheel horse rubber on it. $400 Has a 12 Kohler in it but also came with the orig 6hp. Runs great. I am looking for a new engine cover for the 121. The cover that the coil attaches to. After that the 121 is good to go. Thanks.
  2. exp2ex

    Ignition Question

    Yes. My son just drove it all around in the rain. Started up quickly and seems to be just fine. Very large smile here. I have owned this c121 for 7 years. Have only put about 20 hours on it before things went south. Then put her away 4 years ago and decided to sell it then decided to get it going. I am thankful for all the help to get her going again and for a better understanding of electrical systems. The lights work now as well ! Thanks again.
  3. exp2ex

    Ignition Question

    Did you check for power at the ammeter connections? One of those two wires should have power. If the ammeter is "good" the power should travel through it and feed the ignition switch. I have power to the ammeter but did not have power at the switch harness. Problem solved. bad connection outbound to the switch. TT , thanks. I have really enjoyed trouble shooting this issue and thanks to all who have helped. I went from wanting to well this c121 2-3 weeks ago to buying another and getting this one going with jumping the switches. Thanks again. Degan
  4. exp2ex

    Ignition Question

    Ok. Great. Thanks for all the info. I am plowing over the manuals and schematics that I have. I changed the coil wires I have tested the switch harness. While I am sitting on the tractor with all safety switches in the correct position to have it run. I am not getting any power to any wire in the switch harness. I am pretty sure there needs to be power to the switch. Thanks all.
  5. c121 and i would like to bypass the safety switches to see if that is where my problem is. Anyone have a quick solution ?
  6. exp2ex

    Ignition Question

    Ok. Will do. I am not that strong in the electrical knowledge of engines. This is my classroom so to speak. So here are some more questions. THe start solenoid has a hot line on it all the time ? Yes ? Direct from battery. The other large lug is for the line to the starter ? yes ? The small lug is for a line that comes from the switch which when turned to start will trigger the solenoid to feed power to the starter ? ? Why would a line from the + side of the start solenoid to the - side of the coil let me start it just fine with the key ? I am confused. What does the line that goes to the - coil side do and where does it come from. ? The + side of the coil has the red line that goes to the points and the small condenser ? If I check continuity of my battery + and - should there be any ? Should there be continuity between the + battery terminal and the frame of the tractor ? How can I bypass all my safety switches (seat, trans lever, brake, & lift lever) ? Maybe there is one I don't know about . Bendix moves freely. and i did check the switch for continuity through all positions. I need a schematic. I will get one tonight.
  7. Butch, T-Bone, Majority Trainer, 38. sap catcher, You steal my thread punk ! hahahahahaha chip
  8. exp2ex

    Ignition Question

    Battery is good.
  9. exp2ex

    Ignition Question

    Ok., Checked the wires. I have no reading on the meter itself. there is 000 for cont. between the two. (meter does not beep) While running the 20v setting on the meter reads 1.25 at 1/3 throttle.
  10. exp2ex

    Ignition Question

    Ok. Replaced the start solenoid. sat on the tractor. turned the key and ............................ Presto ! engine turned over without the jumper cable from the solenoid to the coil. Engine did not start because I was so stinkin happy that it turned over. Went to turn key again and ............................. Nothing. Reattached the jumper cable and it turns over. YOUR THOUGHTS !!!!!!!! Thanks. Degan
  11. exp2ex

    Ignition Question

    Ok. got the beast to run just fine, BUT ...... It will only start with the key if I have a line going from the hot side of the start solinoid to the - side of the coil. I then have to make sire the points are not closed when it is not running. Any ideas as to what would let it start like this and not when the wire is not there ? Thanks,.
  12. exp2ex

    New some basic answers to get K301 back running

    Ok. got her running today. Had to hot wire it but at least got it running. With starter fluid. Cleaned the points again. I did rebuild the carb but does not seem like there is fuel getting to the cylinder. I did replace the fuel pump 2 yrs ago.
  13. Ok. I think I have decided to keep my c121. Got the battery charged. New set of points. Just rebuilt the carb. Some new oil and fuel. I used to have to hotwire it to get it running. I ran a wire from the + terminal of the battery to the coil. This was the only way I could get spark. I would then have to jump the start solinoid to get it to turn over. Then it would run. Can someone give me some pointers to get her running again. I have good compression and when it ran last fall it ran pretty strong, Besides these ignition issues everything appears normal. Really want to get her running without all the drama. Thanks, Degan
  14. Thanks all. Have a great week.
  15. I have a c-121 with the snow plow, tiller, snow blower and cutting deck. My question is, what tractors will these attachments work with ? Thanks. Degan