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  1. rydogg

    So what is this one worth?

    Based on the hood stand I believe this is a 1960 Suburban so it would be a 400 or 550 model. I my opinion it's worth more in parts I have sold 2 suburban rj fender/toolbox setups for $150 each. I wouldn't wanna go deeper than $150 for the whole thing. Hood and correct fuel tank are gonna run you around $150 than you also need throttle/choke cables and ignition switch....correct engine is gonna be another $100 or so.
  2. rydogg

    Looking at a 702

    Steering wheel is 702, gas tank is 1962, front axle is 1963 or newer, clutch/brake pedal is 1963 or newer, engine is not for a 702, seat is nice but incorrect it should be square, missing left side cover near brake band.....I would go $300 tops. Tractor is more 633 than 702 the numbers for a 633 kohler is K141T-29102A but there may be some other spec numbers since the early 633 had a different carb and ignition setup.
  3. rydogg

    Think Spring - To Do List

    Spring cleanup and herd reduction has started I am listing a lot of parts, tractors, advertising, manuals etc. I am using ebay and craigslist to sell if anyone sees something they are interested in give me an offer and I can end the auction if I have no bids. Tractors currently on ebay are a 551 and a 502.
  4. rydogg

    looking for recoil parts or pics Wheel horse 633

    The recoil that is in my last picture and the one lane ranger uses the cup pictured below I don't think it will work with the fairbanks morse style in the first pictures.
  5. rydogg

    looking for recoil parts or pics Wheel horse 633

    Here are some pictures of mine it is the same as yours and is currently for sale at the following link http://www.ebay.com/itm/301122684816?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 That is not usually the type that is used, usually it is the same as the one you see in my last picture, that is a 633 with the correct recoil.
  6. Justin, I was holding one belt guard back for a future 551 restoration but I may just part that one out, it is currently in storage and I can't get at it until it thaws some more but I will let you know.
  7. Reason for selling on ebay is in order to keep my power seller status on ebay I need to sell a certain quota per month, it's also easier when selling a large volume of items to just list them on ebay and let people know they can find them there, I also get more bang for my buck since a lot more people will see the items. In times of plenty I have been known to give parts away and ship them free of charge to fellow collectors but recently my mother was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and given 3-6months without treatment and 12-18 months with treatment she is undergoing treatment but it is taking a toll on her and my father. I am selling a lot of stuff that I normally would keep for myself cause I don't know what the future holds and if they need help I want to be able to help them in any way I can.
  8. I put it up late last night. I have seen both styles used on suburbans not sure it makes a difference since they are exactly the same other than the extra rib on the front.
  9. Listing the belt cover tonight sorry for the delay. I am pretty sure this is correct for the 400 and 550 suburban the other style has a 2 rib cross and this one has the single rib.
  10. They were a very nice set of fenders....I have another set for RJ/Suburban to list if you need some more also some HL-5 headlights, possibly a suburban hood depending on condition. I have a ton of wheelhorse stuff to get gone I am doing a MAJOR downsizing so keep an eye on ebay for more goodies.
  11. I have a couple repro belt sheilds that I picked up for projects that I am now parting out (you got the fenders/toolbox from one of them) I will be putting them up on ebay today/tomorrow I will probably start the bidding at $40 and $12 to ship, also have a repop tombstone weight that will be going on there and some other parts from a 400/550 suburban.
  12. I was collecting a lot of die cast in the 90's I didn't get into the old ones but got a lot of new in package ones that I never opened I probably have over 1,000 die cast muscle cars from 1/64 to 1/18.
  13. rydogg

    Think Spring - To Do List

    Sorry, too far from the show to make it. Here is a picture of just one shelf of "stuff" the other side of the shed has a larger shelf that is also filled up. I also have shelves full of parts and engines in my shop.
  14. rydogg

    Think Spring - To Do List

    My spring project is some major downsizing of the herd I am going to get from 20+ tractors down to my favorite 3 or 4, extra parts, advertising etc. all going I have way too much stuff and no time to play with or put them together, been listing a little on ebay but can't get into my shed until spring. Also I will need to get the boats prepped and ready for a lot of boating.
  15. -15 for a high on Monday -25 is the low with -60 windchill.....sure wishin we were livin somewhere south from here like maybe Florida. On the brighter side the new furnace is doing great the house is nice and 70 degrees. The Governor shut down all schools in Minnesota and some businesses are shutting down for the cold day. By next weekend they are talking about high 20's to low 30's for temps....crazy weather.