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  1. 420lse

    D-250 Restored

    Wheel Horse D-250 Restored FREE Copy of Straight From The Horses Mouth. FREE COPY of STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH with the purchase of this fine tractor!! Nice, restoed from the frame up Wheel Horse D-250 You can see a video for this on you tube.Type 420LSE into the search function on You Tube and look for Wheel Horse D-250 FOR SALE. This beauty runs and drives as good as it looks. I know this seems like a lot of money,but you would easily spend twice this amount to bring back a beauty like this. This is an excellent value!! Also, being sold locally.
  2. 420lse

    D-250 Restored

    Wheel Horse D-250 Last Week Offered In The Northeast !
  3. 420lse


    Thanks Garry
  4. 420lse


    So sorry, my bad. The number is 06-44SC01 60327
  5. 420lse


    How many Wheel Horse tractors will this snowblower fit on ? 0537sc01 72145 thanks
  6. 420lse

    420LSE SOLD

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. 420lse

    420LSE SOLD

    That's a great story. I would love to pass mine along but that's just not going to happen. It was in the paperwork I got when I bought it.
  8. 420lse

    420LSE SOLD

    Your wife is right! However, the opportunity to own something that only 200 were made and have it be a Wheel Horse has to be appealing as well.
  9. 420lse

    520h snow plow

    Thanks to everyone for your answers and pics. Looks like a no go unless serious mods are undertaken. Not to mention converting a perfectly good plow into a frankinplow. Thanks again Moe
  10. 420lse

    520h snow plow

    Here are some pics but the 520h plow looks basically like most plows that fit C thru 400 series except for the extension and the curved adjustment arm.
  11. Will the 520h show plow fit a 522xi ? Thanks in advance.
  12. 420lse

    420LSE SOLD

    Hi Martin You have an excellent eye for detail. The bolt is not missing. The spot where the two panels join was never bent to a 90 degree angle so that caused the space you speak of. That was an oversight in production and could be easily fixed. Funny, I never noticed that until you pointed it out. I went to the garage to check it out and could see it immediately. I will not fix this because I feel it adds value to the tractor lol.
  13. Just wondering if anyone can give me a good idea of how much a D-250 3 point is worth? Thanks
  14. 420lse

    Would Toro ever sell Wheel Horse?

    It would be kinda cool to take back our country one product at a time starting with Wheel Horse. Of Course.