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  1. Great stuff !!! I used it on my classic cars now I use it on my snow cab and on all the exterior plastic trim on a Jeep
  2. grinchsr

    Snow plow index lever NEW #5107

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. I have been following this post and I am wondering if anyone has ever tried a long cable.
  4. Recently purchased this as a replacement for the one I lost. Then I found it so the new one is for sale
  5. grinchsr

    108-5 30 inch deck

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. grinchsr

    Snow cab mounts

    Thank you again Garry. I will check it out when I get home from work later.
  7. grinchsr

    Snow cab mounts

    I tried to download the 3 page file a few times the other day and it would not download but the 13 page one does but it is not the same model I have. Looks like I have to wing it.
  8. grinchsr

    Snow cab mounts

    I am looking to see if anyone else has a snow cab with these mounting brackets. I have checked the manual section with no luck. Model number on the cab is 07-06CB01. I am looking for some pics of the mounting points. I know it is for a B-C series tractor but The PO had it mounted on a 312 but it was removed when I bought it. I am hoping someone else has done this too.
  9. grinchsr

    Rear Tire Chains

    Changed Status to Closed
  10. grinchsr

    Used Snow Cab

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. grinchsr

    Used Snow Cab

    Changed Status to Pending
  12. grinchsr

    Used Snow Cab

    Thanks for your interest but due to my error I did not include no shipping in my post. I noticed your address. I apologize
  13. grinchsr

    Rear Tire Chains

    Good condition with no broken links. These are the heavy duty 2 link chains with the V bars for ice. They are 46" long and 16" wide. Will fit 23x9.50x12 and 23x10.50x12 tires. I will ship them in a USPS flat rate box. ($13.65) Lower 48 shipping only
  14. grinchsr

    Used Snow Cab

    Looks to be off of a C series machine but has a later model back panel and roof in the mix. I was going to do some thing with it but I know I won't have the time so it will just hang around my shed. The newer back panel has breaks in the window area and one of the doors has a 3 inch crack in the window. There are 2 roofs both have the frame inside. The older one has pieces missing from the edge. The newer one is in better condition. The hardware needs some repair and the front lower foot rest panel was attacked by a herd of mice. I do have more pics I can text you if interested Sorry but I cannot ship. .
  15. grinchsr

    108-5 30 inch deck

    Removed from a 1987 108-5 in great condition. No rust or holes and a good spindle assembly.