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    ~ETC~<br>etc stands for extreme tractor carnage.<br>we are a club that push riding lawnmowers beyond their limits.<br>be it mud bogging, hill climbing, demo derby, tug-o-war, rock climbing, jumping, and so on.<br><br>

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  1. ~ETC~

    1975 CUB CADET 1100

    lol its the same guy who bought my b-111 with a snow plow for $275 he stopped by yesterday to see if i had any tires he needed for a mower an seen it and immediately said "ill give you $300 for that cub" an i told him ill think about it. he usually calls me a week later offering $50 more i cant complain.... ive made $1500 or more off him in the last month or so all he does is set them out in his front yard with for sale signs on them with outrageous prices an they sell...... he has the b-111 out front for $500 and he has had several people come check it out offering him $350-$400 for it i wish i lived on a busy street :WRS:
  2. ~ETC~

    753 transmission

    >_> taladas huh? i went out with a chick with that last name ......lool got any relatives in michigan? i kno the grandma moved back to where she grew up.. i think it was Pennsylvania but not 100% sure :banghead:
  3. ~ETC~

    1975 CUB CADET 1100

    well i can get around $300 out of it. thats what ive been offered for it but this is the first and only garden tractor ive been able to get my hands on. i rode it a few times and it handles so much different i love it. and the creeper/granny gear is cool i pulled a blazer up a hill with it today cus it ran out o gas in my neighborhood an they live next door to me. so i helped them out an had fun at the same time no problem at all it didnt even bogg down. and whats wrong with a briggs engine? i prefer brigs over most others. i do like the kohler cast iron horizontal ones but they are stubborn in the winter..well the ones i had were anyways.
  4. ~ETC~

    1975 CUB CADET 1100

    aluminum trans huh..... thats something i didnt want to hear. ive had bad luck with aluminum trannies... they break too easily. i could swear i seen rust on the trans
  5. ~ETC~

    1975 CUB CADET 1100

    oops i dont know why i said vert i meant horizontal. im not sure what im going to do with this mower as of yet
  6. ~ETC~

    1975 CUB CADET 1100

    I ALSO PLAN ON FIXING THE HOLES IN THE DECK. i plan on cutting the rust out and welding in patch panels flush with the original sheetmetal. then grind the welds flush and hit it with 100 grit to smooth it out then spray the whole deck with farm equipment almond white. the hood and other white parts will also be sanded with 100 grit and painted with the same almond white. im not sure what to use for the yellow just yet everything i find seems too bright or too dark the engine will be resprayed black with 1000* engine enamel super gloss paint its what i paint my chevy engines i build with so it sould work just fine on the 11hp briggs ive seen several older garden tractors with round headlights on the sides of the front end. im wondering if cub cadet did the same and had the headlights on either side of the hood or if they were in the grille
  7. ~ETC~

    1975 CUB CADET 1100

    just picked up a 1975 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CUB CADET 1100 SERIES for $50 its manual. now does anyone know if the trans is alum or cast iron and how sturdy is it? i have a chance to get a cub cadet hydro trans for $50 but i dont know if it will work or not as the guy dont know what model the hydro is from. it has a horiz shaft 11hp briggs. just got it to fire today it has super weak spark... i can only get it to stay running with a weed eater plug so im going to change out the coil. the odd thing is first time i ran it no smoke ran smooth. second time i fired it it smoked for like 3 mins and smelled strong of burning oil. the crank case vent tube wasnt hooked up the first time and it was puking oil like crazy. second time i ran it i had the hose hooked up but it runs into the air cleaner on the opposite side of the engine. does this mean my vent thing is bad? also the rear tires dont hold air they are 23x8.50-12nhs im looking for some slightly wider or as wide as the ones on it but i want v tread tires i think their called ag tires? if anyone knows where i can get a good used pair or new pair for a fair price please let me know. or where i can get a full set of used dualies with the right offset rims for it to work also does anyone know the side of the bolt pattern? i want to temporarily put car rims on it untill i can find some tires but none of my gm rims will fit. ive tried cavaliere, camaro, astro van, full size truck, and fiero rims and none of the bolt patterns fit. one last question. if i tear it apart down to the frame and respray everything in my paint booth what would this thing be worth? i found a 1150 with a blown engine for $500 dirty and rusted, but i dont know the difference from a 1100 and a 1150 so mine can be worth way less. or more but i doubt it CUB CADET PHOTO ALBUM
  8. the guy who wants it gets them then holds onto them till he finds someone looking for one and sells them for way more than he pays for them. he sold a 2000 yardman mtd p.o.s that was all cleaned up for $1000 he is also paying me $150 for a 4211 simplicity hydrostatic that was hit in the front by a plow truck so it needs a hood and grille he is also buying a 2005 yardman mtd from me that i haven't even worked on yet that i paid $40 for and he offered $100 so i plan on selling him a few mowers. and he still wants more.... i told him i can definitely get more. i know a few older guys who have several acre fields full of riding mowers all the way back to the 60s which have set prices like $50 for non running mowers and $100 for runing so it looks like ill be busy putting some miles on my truck running back and forth picking up mowers and dropping them off for a while ill ask him if he wants any more wheel horses....he is always wanting bigger and stronger ones need not run :thumbs:
  9. ok i have a b-111 wheel horse with a 50 something inch plow balloon tires and chains i was offered $300 for it....... is it worth it? and what do they usually go for?
  10. ~ETC~

    spmplicity hydrostatic 4211

    mower was just sold for $150 same guy wants to come back an buy my b-111 once i fix it for $300
  11. ~ETC~


    well i took a square piece of plate steel and welded 1ft long pieces of rebar to each corner. then wraped steel bailing wire around the rebar in a cage like shape. and sofar its worked better than expected. is it ok to use baking soda for the cleaning soda as everyone calls it? ive used my tank only once and i tryed it with baking soda. i used 6 table spoons of baking soda for 4 gal of water
  12. ~ETC~

    spmplicity hydrostatic 4211

    lmao how does a post go from simplicity belt diagrams to garth brooks? anyways i had the clutch puley positioned wrong. its sorted out now. now all i gotta do is find the plastic grille
  13. ~ETC~


    also at what amperage can i coat parts in other metals like if i throw some nickel nuggets in or some copper chunks in then the part it seems it should work just like an electrolysis plating setup
  14. im thinking about making an electrolysis parts tank i have this ancient power inverter and i was wondering if it would work it is an Antronic Regulated DC Power Supply Model PS-135 and it says it has an output of 13.8 Volts VDC 5 AMPS from what ive read anywhere from .5-10 amps will work for 12 volt application now if i weld together a cage that goes on the inside of the tank can i use just one point to hook up the + lead? or should i have multiple points to hook to the cage? and should i go bigger than just a 5 gal bucket?
  15. ~ETC~

    spmplicity hydrostatic 4211

    ell im not destroying the simplicity there's nothing wrong with it other than needing a grille this ones getting resto work and will be added to the sell collection that i've been building since the winter season has hit... not many people buy mowers with decks on them right now....its hard to find plow attachments.. that's why i modified the gravely plow i found to work on my b-111