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  1. Gary Mayfield

    New forum user here

    Gotcha I have been down there to the race track and down to Milford several times. Always wanted to go to the tractor auction there on the corner of 6 and 15
  2. Gary Mayfield

    New forum user here

    Would love to get together sometime and discuss horse's. I live on the westside just west of the airport.
  3. Gary Mayfield

    New forum user here

    Thank you, what part of Indiana are your from?
  4. Gary Mayfield

    New forum user here

    I am sure there are pictures tucked away of my father plowing the garden with it, pushing snow etc just have to go through them and find them. I am happy I was told about this place as well.
  5. Gary Mayfield

    New forum user here

    Thanks everyone I am glad I found this forum thanks to a buddy of mine. I have found a lot of info on here. If there is anyone in the northern Indiana area would like to see some tractor's
  6. Gary Mayfield

    New forum user here

    Yes I am I use to to some racing here at our track in South Bend but got out of it a couple years ago, now I just help with the track safety team I drive one of the wreckers
  7. Gary Mayfield

    New forum user here

    Thank you sir. Yes I was up in the air on actually restoring it or leave it the way it is and just buff her out. Have the push plow, mower deck, single bottom plow, disc, drag, and rear duals for it as well. The more people I talk to about it says just wash it and clean it up.
  8. Gary Mayfield

    New forum user here

    Hello all new to this forum. I have always loved Wheel Horse tractors as I live in the town where they used to be made. I have had a few over my life but I have the honor of being a third generation care taker of my grandfathers tractor which was bought new by him used by my father and now my father is getting to the age where he can't take care of it anymore and has passed it down to me. The only thing I need to find to make it all original again is the 6 horse tech/lauson engine for it as it has been transplanted with a different make of motor. Here is a picture of it coming out of hiding and going to be heading to my garage for a little tlc