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  1. dieselpuller

    C-161 Twin Battery Clamp

    Hey Wildman I live upstate N.Y. 60 south east of Rochester, N.Y. I think I have what you need If I do you pay shipping will box it and send (585) 469 5330 Thanks, Walt
  2. dieselpuller

    38 inch John Deere mower

    Fore Sale 38 inch J. D. mower off 1968 110 . It is in excellent condition, Can text pics , Thanks for looking, Walt
  3. dieselpuller

    Kohler magnum, twin or single

    my NEPHEW HAS A 16 Magnum runs great off a 416-8 has 627 hrs on it $400 . call or text (585) 469 5330, Thanks for looking
  4. dieselpuller

    for sale 1056 not running complete

    Wheel Horse still for sale buyer changed there mind , Thank You, Walt
  5. dieselpuller

    for sale not running, can send pics

    126 Cub with 42 inch mower deck very solid no junk , Thank You, Walt
  6. dieselpuller

    Rear end axle length question

    Hey Tony I can send pics of my raider how close the wheel are. I built my rims .the closer the better, Walt call if you like
  7. dieselpuller

    Pulling Tire recommendations please

    I run Vogel they work great, Firestone does not make the 26x12x12 & 23x 10x50 or 8x50 . That is yes you have to buy them Thu Miller Tire. I think Mckerdie in PA makes them not sure. I am buy another set for my 3 cylinder diesel puller . I will have them cut like my pair on my Wheel Horse now . I used to use Firestones for years Hope this helps, Walt
  8. dieselpuller

    Rear end strength questions

    The 8 speed is better I think it works for me. My buddy (wheel Horse Dealer ) used to pull in the 70,s He used parts from 1054 rearends in his 8 speed Raider .Walt
  9. dieselpuller

    Need Pulling hitch

    I have one I will sell it is used works fine can send pics $ 60 plus shipping , Thanks Walt
  10. dieselpuller

    for sale 1056 not running complete

    it is not sold , Alliance is East side of Ohio, call me if you like have tote full of parts other stuff all for an extra $100 , Thanks , Walt
  11. dieselpuller

    for sale 1056 not running complete

    We are going to alliance, Eastern Ohio . I think it is sold thanks, Walt
  12. dieselpuller

    for sale 1056 not running complete

    1056 3 speed 10 HP Kohler engine complete not running Call or text me if you have questions . Still have wheel horse parts, thank you for looking, Walt