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  1. pegasus447

    Dorset member returns to the fold.

    Managed to get some Wheelhorse time in today. Did some chain sawing and then used the C120 for some hauling. As you would expect from Richards wonderful rebuild, started first key turn and ticks over sweetly. Then decided to get my C141 out. At last time of trying, could not get a spark. Chased the reason back to a failed HT lead. Was one of the carbon ones. Made up a new one with a wire core and after not running for over two years, fired up pretty much straight away. A few pictures of the days events attached. Great machines. Roly.
  2. pegasus447

    Dorset member returns to the fold.

    Thanks Neil. Yes just the best tractor. Very proud to own her. Took her for a tour round the yard today. Started first key. looking forward to doing a cut with the immaculate deck that Richard restored. will try to get some pictures as and when. cheers. Roly.
  3. pegasus447

    Dorset member returns to the fold.

    Thanks Richard. Show it some dirt I will try to do !!! welcome for a ride and give her a check over anytime. will try to get some pics in action soon. thanks again mate. Roly.
  4. pegasus447

    Dorset member returns to the fold.

    Yes what a top man Richard is. Certainly an authority on anything Wheelhorse and much more. A true engineer, a rare breed these days !!, looking forward to using her and doing a first cut with that superbly restored deck. will updadte when I can. Roly.
  5. pegasus447

    Dorset member returns to the fold.

    Will do my best to keep this wonderful example in tip top condition, but also use when needed. Thanks for the kind welcome back to the forum. cheers. Roly.
  6. Having just become the new owner of Anglo Traction’s most immaculate C120, felt it only right to rejoin the Wheelhorse forum. Thank you Richard for doing the best restoration possible on this amazing machine. Simply stunning work every time you restore anything !!! Looking forward to using the C120, mainly for mowing and some hauling. Just too perfect to use really, but that is what they were designed and made for !!! will try hard to look after her.