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  1. ZXT

    look what followed me home..

    Funny! I just so happen to be listening to a Cash 8-track tape right now. Ultrasonic cleaners are a godsend. I only have a small one from harbor freight so it maks cleaning automotive carbs somewhat difficult, but it does wonders on small carbs and even fuel injectors. I generally only use a blend of hot water and pine sol.. Who would've thought that would do a good job?! Glad to hear it's up and running! You'll enjoy it! Cool to read the story on the Camaro! I have a 78 project. My father has a 71 and my step-mother has a 68. Fun cars!
  2. ZXT

    look what followed me home..

    Very cool! Does it run?
  3. ZXT

    Best Replacement Engine

    Best off the shelf, bolt-on would be a rebuilt Kohler. Predators are good engines, but they're usually pull start and don't look right for the vintage of the tractor. As said, a used Kohler is also a good option. Unless its incredibly cheap, be sure to hear it run before you buy it to make sure it isn't worn out. Have any pics of the tractor? We'd love to see them, regardless of condition!
  4. ZXT

    Longest horse haul yet!

    Glad I'm not the only one that has a V10 with a drinking problem! I do have a Dodge though... No spark plugs shooting out of these heads! Both are thirsty nonetheless..
  5. ZXT

    Longest horse haul yet!

    Dang! It was difficult to convince myself to drive 2 hours to get my C-120! I couldn't imagine going that far for a Horse.. In my 10 MPG truck I would spend more than the tractor is worth in gas alone! Nice score and props for being so ambitious!
  6. ZXT

    My 312-8 wheelhorse

    Dang! That tractor is beautiful.. You stole it at $200. I can't get over how good it looks. Thanks for the pics!
  7. ZXT

    Vintage Trucks

    I agree with all of the above! Buy it! Scouts are cool and I personally like them more than Broncos, simply because they aren't Ford's. You mentioned it only has 93 HP. The 4 banger in my little 85 Toyota pickup was apparently only 90 HP before I swapped to an inline 6, but it would run 75 down the highway all day long! All it takes is the proper gearing!
  8. ZXT

    Predator 22hp Flooding Out

    What exactly is this check valve supposed to do? I can't see why it would be necessary; the pressure from the fuel sitting above the fuel line should prevent the line from becoming dry. A fuel shutoff valve should have the same effect. I'm always willing to learn.
  9. ZXT

    Carb Help Needed

    No problem! I'm not sure if my logic was correct, but it at least makes sense in my head. I need the weather to cooperate... It's rained just about every day since I bought my C120 and I havent been able to run it since the day I brought it home!
  10. ZXT

    Wheel horse 208-4 models

    Hey, dryer cord is 10awg... plenty heavy for anything that tractor will need! Pictures? Ive never seen a 208-4 but from the picture on the manual posted, it looks like a vertical shaft.
  11. ZXT

    just purchased a 1999 314-8

    Before I went to the trouble to pain that, I'd wash and buff it. You might be surprised how it looks... You certainly did not get burned.
  12. ZXT

    just purchased a 1999 314-8

    I agree - It'll be a far better paint job and will weather better. If you were to have the correct color mixed up, a gallon shouldn't be much more than $100. The Rustoleum would do fine I'm sure, though.
  13. ZXT

    just purchased a 1999 314-8

    As has been said, the sure-fire way of getting paint that's as close to original as possible would be to take a piece off of the tractor, preferable one that hasn't been exposed to the sun as much, buff it and have some paint mixed off of that. Same might be true for the wheels, but I would think it would be easier to contact Toro and see if that paint is available from them. Oh, and on a side note, this forum loves pictures. Even of ugly tractors. Regardless, post some up!
  14. ZXT

    Carb Help Needed

    My C120 with a HH120 requires brief choking whenever I go to start it, even when warm. The same is true on my GT-14. It makes sense that they'd be this way, at least in my mind. When you shut it off and let it sit there, what little residual fuel is present in the mouth of the carburetor (if any) will evaporate, and then there's nothing for it to fire on, and not enough vacuum to pull more gas through the carb. It's not like a down-draft carb on a car where you have some level of fuel seepage into the intake while it's sitting there, or an accelerator pump to give it an extra shot. The choke basically takes the place of the accelerator pump. In your searches, if you come across a fairly cheap aftermarket carb, be sure to post about it. The throttle shaft on mine is extremely worn, and has had some brazing done to it where someone apparently broke the shaft. Like you, every one that I've seen has been for a 10hp, which I'm sure is too small for a 12hp, let alone a 14.
  15. ZXT

    Engine oil

    Being into old cars, I've heard all my life that non-roller cams need ZDDP (Which stands for Zinc, and another impossible to remember term that I don't care to look up) to help prevent wear and premature failure. It makes sense to me, and since I have always run oil with ZDDP in it and haven't had any cam issues, I'll swear by it. It gets hot in Texas, and for that reason, a lot of the older cars we have around get 10w-40 or even 20w-50. I've always liked Castrol GTX oil, with a bottle of STP oil treatment added in with each oil change, since it contains ZDDP. Valvoline's "Racing oil" line also has ZDDP in it and a lot of car guys I know run it. I've never added ZDDP to a small engine before, but it may be beneficial.