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  1. proama

    Mrs. Pullstart

    nice looking ride
  2. I am not sure if this is how you keep this post going or if your suppose to post new topics I am very new to all this and not the best at computers! sorry but I been replying to you in general but I am sure I am in good hands ! Sorry if I am not posting properly is what I mean. thanks michael
  3. have some time today to clean gears and and source parts! is there some one that sells everything bearings bushings for gears too all in one bundle? maybe a 5010 complete overhaul kit ?
  4. yeah you have got to buy the nice ones the cheap ones break easy ! I wish I was retired so i could work on it everyday I think I am hooked on old wheel horses found two more that are a good drive but at 150 each might be worth it! if my wife lets me lol
  5. that is the coolest wheel horse i ever seen! nice work man
  6. never tried that looks like it works well
  7. I got the forks to move in transmission that was stuck but I need to get a bigger roll pin removing tool to remove the rear end gears ! what size roll pin tool do I need?
  8. this come from first transmission really rough! clean gears come from the second transmission thank got they were in nice shape! there is a gear that felt like it was sloppy on a shaft though might be able to get better pics of it tomorrow !
  9. that transmission had a lot of bad gears in it missing teeth but my other transmission I opened up after work today and it looks great inside but the case had been brazed at one time and one bolt nub is cracked kinda loose but I was excited to see good looking gears!
  10. if I can get that engine to run again I might mount it in tool box but if not it will have a 7 hp briggs pull start only motor I have laying around that is a nice looking 701 aftermarket push button starter
  11. ok I have two transmissions that are the same I took the worst one apart first and saw one case nub broke ! angry face!! and some of the gears are toast but I have not cleaned them yet! this transmission was stuck in nutral and I am having a hard time getting the fork ears to move at all to get the gears out!. angry face again!!!! I ran out of time to crack the other transmission open ! I really need some more fast orange hand cleaner!!!!
  12. Man Steve I think I love you lol! it worked great on the first side! next side should work fine! glade this forum has people who has been there done that many times before !thanks a million my friend!